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What I think of: Silent Texas

Silent Texas provides company with business and casual wear. Silent Texas provided me with a blanket and a dress to review. The Blanket was super warm and comfy. It was the perfect size to bring to outdoor activities such as concerts or football games. Next I was given a black dress. The dress was plain but perfect for business. I would definitely rate this company a 5/5. For anyone interested in getting free stuff from this company email me at

What I think of: Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers is a small family oriented water park in Grafton, IL. I recently went there and just thought I would share my review. I was not paid or given free items to do this. The drive to raging rapids was a bit of a long one for me and my family-about an hour. However, the time passed quickly as we were all excited for the day ahead. When we got close we were able to see all the natural flora and fauna as well as limestone and a beautiful river. We got there right as the park opened. After the bag check, we went to go see about getting a cabana. Unfortunately-they were sold out. It was a minor annoyance. We were able to find a nice table in the shade. We applied sunscreen and then decided to go into the wave pool. The wave pool had a clearly marked shallow end and deep end which was perfect for the younger kids in our group. They knew their boundaries. The waves in the shallow end were not very high, maybe just a bit forceful but nothing a child couldn't handle. The waves in …

How to Succeed: Step 2-Starting Small

Now that you know what you love, Its time to start out small. If you are interested in what I do. Start out by finding a small site that posts a few freebies every day. If you have a passion for something else; find another smaller site with advice and tips. Continue to use this small site and follow its advice for as long as you need to. I recommend using the advice of a website for up to two years. After the two year mark it is time to move on and grow into a bigger business that earns real money instead of doing it as a hobby. At this stage in your company, i recommendthe following:
1-Start to make an online profile for yourself. It is crucial to have an online following with companies. Get yourself a profile on Major sites like Facebook or Twitter * This will help create a following for yourself. In the first year, aim for 100 followers on each site you use and grow from there.
2-Giveaways. Invest in participating in giveaways in products you are interested in. This will show you …

How to Succeed: Step 1-Finding your passion

Lots of people have a job they dislike. It may be because of a mean boss or maybe they arent working with their passion. For the longest time I thought I would go into some sort of science related field. Until I watched a TV show about retail. Then I started couponing. Then i was getting sample sized products. Then I got full sized Products. Then i began interacting with companies and started my very own Contracting business. But lots of people are curious as to how you discover your passion. Its not an easy thing. Sometimes the thing you like best will be something you least expect. My first tip is dont expect the thing you wanted to be when you were five to be your true passion. But its a good place to start. No five year old wants to work in a dreary office all day. So why should you? My second tip-if your ten year old self wouldnt be impressed with your job position, then its time to work yourself up to the top. Finding your passion could be as simple as a google search. If you tr…

Giveaway!!! Schoola Swag Pack

I am currently giving a way a schoola swag pack and it is super easy to enter. The pack contains

1 ct Dry Erase Marker in Black1ct Schoola Branded Dry Erase Board-back to school themed1ct Of my personal business card1ct Special Schoola Discount Code-Just for you2ct pack of Schoola Stickers1ct Schoola information SheetAND MORE
If interested it is super easy to enter Step1- Send your mailing address to Step 2- Comment on this post saying which special schoola product you are most excited about Step 3- Follow me on facebook and youtube Step 4- Share with your friends
Giveaway ends on August 20th, 2015 at 3:50pm Central Time

Freebies : 8/11/15

U By Kotex Liner Sample- Ive gotten this one before and I highly recommend getting it

Depend Sample Kit

TS Lorris

Free Equate Ultra Thin Kit- I have gotten this sample in the past and I am a fan of the kit.

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Why Working Out (With Kids!!) is Important

For many adults, they like their workouts to include machines and lifting weights. However, if you have kids, they need a good workout too. Kids' want their workouts to be fun. For example, kids like to play tag and ride bikes, not lift weights. Kids who active will have strong bones/muscles, a leaner body with less body fat, will be less likely to become overweight, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, and have a better outlook on life. Kids should practice endurance, strength and flexibility as much as possible in their workouts (and yours too). Some fun exercises for kids include ice-skating, swimming, and jogging. says that school ages children should not be inactive for more than 2 hours. Here are my tips to help you and your kids stay fit and have fun:
1-Help your kids participate in the activites
2-Establish a schedule
3-Take the stairs instead of the elevator
4-The parents should embrace a healthier liftsytle
5-Keep it fun!
Let me know in the comments if t…

Green Living

I used to live an awful lifestyle. I would consume so much and give back so little. I didnt realize the environment was awful until just very recently. I didnt know that using gmo products could hurt my children. And i wasnt aware of how unhealthy red meats were. I discroved a site called and that inspired me to live green,

What I Think of: seems to be the new amazon. The only bad thing about it is that you have to pay $50.00 a month on top of shipping and on top of the price of the actual item. I personally think does have a good following and may become wealthy enough to lower their membership monthly fee. If that does happen. I do see becoming a better selling site than amazon.

Brand Ambassador Program: Schoola INC

Schoola INC is the best job I have ever had. I get $5 per every referral and bonuses if i meant certain criteria. When I first started with Schoola they provided me with an employee shirt, stickers, and business cards. This really helped me to person to person marketing. I got a few people to join that way. Schoola then began to send out weekly work assignments. This was the most professional contracting job I have ever had. Schoola was already a site I loved because 40% went back to schools and now I could give my friends free money when they joined! Now my work with schoola has blossomed into something that takes up a lot of my time and energy but I love doing it. I even got invited to be on two different panels. Currently my work with schoola has me taking pictures of their clothes, marketing, and interacting with schools to get the schools to start earning money. If anyone is interested in joining schoola click here and use the code NICOLE15 for $15 off at checkout. For anyone cur…

Commission Working: Orange Crate Food Co.

Orange Crate Food Co. gave me the opportunity to be a commission sales rep for them (30%).  They  sent me a lot of their products for free. I enjoyed using them. I did throw a party to try and sell these products but a lot of people weren't interested in it/ thought the products were too expensive. I didn't let this get me down. I went to my other social media outlets to try and sell the product. Unfortunately this product just was not selling to middle class income families. This taught me a valuable lesson that some products just dont sell well to the average person.

Brand Ambassador Program: Jennie-O

The Jennie-O program click here is a great program to begin working at home. But first you need a blog that has a large audience and you must be an influential person. Jennie-O provides the blogger (aka you) with their new products up to once every two months. And in return you write about their products. Personally I am all for having less red meat and more chicken/turkey. I believe it is healthier. And I love being a part of this blogging opportunity. More info to come