How to Succeed: Step 1-Finding your passion

Lots of people have a job they dislike. It may be because of a mean boss or maybe they arent working with their passion. For the longest time I thought I would go into some sort of science related field. Until I watched a TV show about retail. Then I started couponing. Then i was getting sample sized products. Then I got full sized Products. Then i began interacting with companies and started my very own Contracting business. But lots of people are curious as to how you discover your passion. Its not an easy thing. Sometimes the thing you like best will be something you least expect. My first tip is dont expect the thing you wanted to be when you were five to be your true passion. But its a good place to start. No five year old wants to work in a dreary office all day. So why should you? My second tip-if your ten year old self wouldnt be impressed with your job position, then its time to work yourself up to the top. Finding your passion could be as simple as a google search. If you truly want to stand out in your field, you need to love what you do. If you love writing, then start out as a freelance writer and then one day you can see yourself writing books, magazine articles, or web articles for major sites. Some sites such as and* allow anyone to submit an essay or post in their community section to be reviewed for the main page of their site. If you love sales/marketing I recommend starting with a job that pays you with a commissioned based pay( my second contracting job was 30% commission) Finding your passion is something you have to do on your own. Your passion wont come to you. You have to go chase it.

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