How to Succeed: Step 2-Starting Small

Now that you know what you love, Its time to start out small. If you are interested in what I do. Start out by finding a small site that posts a few freebies every day. If you have a passion for something else; find another smaller site with advice and tips. Continue to use this small site and follow its advice for as long as you need to. I recommend using the advice of a website for up to two years. After the two year mark it is time to move on and grow into a bigger business that earns real money instead of doing it as a hobby. At this stage in your company, i recommendthe following:

1-Start to make an online profile for yourself. It is crucial to have an online following with companies. Get yourself a profile on Major sites like Facebook or Twitter * This will help create a following for yourself. In the first year, aim for 100 followers on each site you use and grow from there.

2-Giveaways. Invest in participating in giveaways in products you are interested in. This will show you the quality that you are competing against and if you win, you get a free product which is always a plus for a new business owner

3-Talk. Talk with people who have a Business Degree. They will be able to offer you advice on how to succeed during the first stages of your business devolpment

Remember at this point in the game you have not created your business and are probably working at another job. But you can always work on your business on the weekends. 

* I am not sponsored by these sites


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