What I think of: Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers is a small family oriented water park in Grafton, IL. I recently went there and just thought I would share my review. I was not paid or given free items to do this. The drive to raging rapids was a bit of a long one for me and my family-about an hour. However, the time passed quickly as we were all excited for the day ahead. When we got close we were able to see all the natural flora and fauna as well as limestone and a beautiful river. We got there right as the park opened. After the bag check, we went to go see about getting a cabana. Unfortunately-they were sold out. It was a minor annoyance. We were able to find a nice table in the shade. We applied sunscreen and then decided to go into the wave pool. The wave pool had a clearly marked shallow end and deep end which was perfect for the younger kids in our group. They knew their boundaries. The waves in the shallow end were not very high, maybe just a bit forceful but nothing a child couldn't handle. The waves in the deep end were very large but perfect for the older kids. Everyone had a great time in the wavepool. No real complaints about it except for the crowd at time. Next stop was the lazy river. This lazy river had a waterfall on one side and towards the end had bubbles. It was simply very relaxing. I was surprised to see that at one point the lazy river had a line! But most of the time there was no line and it was a perfect place to go. You can look out on the beautiful scenery and the river. The next ride was the Shark Food ride. It was a smaller slide that requires an inter tube. It is perfect for young children but the older kids liked it too. Watch out because you just might flip out at the end if you are older because the ride was designed for little kids. But flipping out of the tube makes it fun right? The next rides were the body slides. There were two of them. This ride had a very long line at times-it was obviously the most popular attraction at the park. This ride went around all of the trees making it beautiful to look at.( the whole park was like that but this ride just really nicely placed). The slides curved around the trees and did not drop you straight down. The only complaint at this ride besides the lines would be the horseflies and bees. The horseflies only got to you if the line wasnt moving quickly. The ride was fun whether you lied down or sat up. The next ride was Runaway Rapids- another inter tube ride.  This ride was my favorite ride. You start out by going down one slide, you land in a pool, then go down another much longer slide. This ride was closed at first but opened after lunch. We did have an issue with one lifeguard leaving his post and the line was stopped for about 10 minutes. We were right at the front and decided to just stay and wait. This ride almost always had a wait time of about 6 or 7 minutes but it is definitely worth it. Next lets talk about the food. The food here was neither amazing nor terrible. But the wait time was awful. We must have waited 20 minutes after placing our order. We had to wait in the hot sun with no relief. It was awful. All in all I do recommend this place. It is absolutely beautiful. I do believe it is important for kids to be around nature-such as limestone, trees, flowers, rivers, etc. And raging rivers brought all of it into a fun place for families to visit.


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