Why Working Out (With Kids!!) is Important

 For many adults, they like their workouts to include machines and lifting weights. However, if you have kids, they need a good workout too. Kids' want their workouts to be fun. For example, kids like to play tag and ride bikes, not lift weights. Kids who active will have strong bones/muscles, a leaner body with less body fat, will be less likely to become overweight, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, and have a better outlook on life. Kids should practice endurance, strength and flexibility as much as possible in their workouts (and yours too). Some fun exercises for kids include ice-skating, swimming, and jogging. Kidshealth.com says that school ages children should not be inactive for more than 2 hours. Here are my tips to help you and your kids stay fit and have fun:
1-Help your kids participate in the activites
2-Establish a schedule
3-Take the stairs instead of the elevator
4-The parents should embrace a healthier liftsytle
5-Keep it fun!
Let me know in the comments if these tips work or if you have any more suggestions


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