Fall Jewerly

Fall is quickly approaching. I have noticed more recently that a lot of women tend to wear less jewelry in the fall, which I do not understand. I absolutely love Jewelry. Some fall trends I just absolutely love but I hate the trend of wearing less Jewelry in the Fall. Jewelry completes the outfit. Im going to give some quick recommendations and also some ideas as to what you could wear the jewelry with.

1. Okay this piece of jewelry looks great with boots. Almost any color of boots too. But I do recommend pairing it with brown or black boots simply because I believe it would look better that way. I also like pairing this piece with stacked bracelets. I recommend no more than three because this piece of jewelry is what you are accenting. Can you guess what it is? Its a Michael Kors watch! This watch( in the picture) is just so perfectly designed for fall that I couldnt help but include it in this list!

. http://michaelkorsbagarea.blogspot.com/ cheap mk bags just need $61.99. 75% save up:

2. This next piece looks especially great when you wear it with stacked necklaces and stacked bracelets. It really looks beautiful when you wear it with a simple grey sweater or shawl. I also believe that including a watch in with this piece of jewelry can really help give you that desired look. Any Guesses? Its the Feather Ring! This ring really captures the essence of Fall and can be reused in your Spring collection as well. I found this online for only $9.90. Pretty cheap in the fashion world.
Retro Bronze Feather Ring for only $9.90 ,cheap Fashion Rings - Jewelry&Accessories online shopping,Retro Bronze Feather Ring is very cute accessories.You will love it.:

3. The next idea is a Monogrammed Leather Cuff. I would consider pairing this with a grey sweater(maybe even one that has a few accents), leggings, and then either brown or black boots. My favorite color of these is definitely black. I think that these definitely give off the professional vibe while also letting people know that you are young and in the know about all things beauty. I found these online for $39.00. They make perfect gifts!

 Marley Lilly Monogrammed Gifts $39 monogram leather cuff... They get cuter everytime i look at them, especially for fall!:

4. My next Fall must have is the Faceted Amber Necklace. This necklace is absolutely beautiful. I actually own this as a bracelet not a necklace and I know first hand that it completes the look and gets you tons of compliments. I would pair this with a set of brown ankle boots or Toms shoes. Id also wear it with a baseball tee, jeans, and a plain jacket. My personal favorite color baseball tee is white with royal blue sleeve and I wear a plain brown jacket with this look. This is something you most likely have seen all over Pinterest, so why not go get one yourself!

#Fallstyle #hushpuppiesshoes Faceted Amber Necklace, Necklaces, Jewelry, The Museum Shop of The Art Institute of Chicago:

5. Now this last one is for all my fans in High School. Fall=Homecoming. You all will look so beautiful at your dance but I do have one recommendation. I recommend crystal earrings in whatever color matches your dress. If your dress is black, white, or mint. Then I highly recommend getting mint colored. Mint appears to be a more popular color and can totally complete your look. I found these online for $43.00. Moms and Dads- its a perfect birthday gift!
Clear Mint green seafoam Crystal stud Petite vintage by iloniti, $43.00:

Well there you have it! These are your five must-haves for this fall. Dont be afraid to leave a comment or take a quick peep at my brand new website and facebook page


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