Fashion Wish List

Hey everyone! Today I am posting my wishlist of outfits that I wish I had. I hope you enjoy and I know all of you can relate.

#5-Denim Cropped Pants
Fall outfit. May have already pinned this, but oh well, just in case....:

Denim is like the heart of fashion. Fashion began with denim. Okay well thats not really true but denim is a necessity. Especially these jeans. These jeans are the timeless piece of clothing my wardrobe needs. I already own the scarf, but that grey t-shirt is something I definitely need to invest in. Unfortunately, my hair doesn't actually do buns due to the insane curls I have. But I will find a way to make it work. I own brown eye shadow and if you dont GO GET SOME IMMEDIATELY. Also those sunglasses and shoes are so cute. This is such a classic fall outfit. Share this with your friends and educate them on the art of wearing denim.

#4- Ankle Boots
Bestselling suede ankle booties | Sole Society Lylee:

Okay guys, I know what youre thinking-1, you already own ankle boots and 2, this isnt an outfit. And to that I say both are true but I dont care. These boots are so amazing they deserve their own number on my page. If these boots arent already best sellers, Im gonna make them best sellers. I cant get enough of these.

#3-Street Style
10 Great Winter Looks That Are OH-SO Cozy & Fab!:

Seeing this outfit made my year. Okay I know Im a bit style obsessed but seriously just look at how amazing this is. This is such a great winter look and its never too early to prepare for winter-even if its spring where you live. This outfit looks so cozy and fabulous. The scarf is a really nice touch. And I wanna know where she got that shirt. The pants are so in right now and if you dont have some black skinny jeans or leggings I recommend getting some. This outfit is so amazing. Like dont even get me started on the boots.

#2-Perfect for Thanksgiving
Over sized knit sweater, skinny jeans, boots - Like very much!:
This outfit is perfect. It also makes me wish it was Thanksgiving, so I can give thanks for having this outfit. But in all reality, if you travel over Thanksgiving Holiday, this is a perfect outfit to wear. I really like the oversized knit sweater. I just recently bought one of those and will be posting pics of it soon. I also like the skinny jeans and boots. The skinny jeans are just wow with this outfit and the boots are awesome. The scarf is also a great touch. I want to thank the clothing designers for this beautiful combination of clothing. This outfit is becoming more and more popular so if you like being in the know-I suggest picking this up. This outfit is completely awesome

#1-Professionally and Sophisticated

44 Professional and Sophisticated Office Outfits You Will Love ...:

I love this outfit. It would be so perfect to wear around the office. I just love this look, thats why I ranked it #1. Reminder that if you like fashion, to check back in tomorrow because I actually bought some clothes like this and I will be posting pictures. The items went on sale what was I supposed to do, ignore the sale? No way, not in this lifetime. I really like the ripped jeans and considering I run my own business from home and only occasionally go into meetings-I love the jeans. All in All a great outfit.

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