Make up Basics

Are you new to makeup? Or are you ready for a new look. Today I will be teaching all of you some makeup basics. I will be answering questions I have gotten in the past that involve makeup here to help you out.

Q:How should I start?

A: With a clean face! I always wash my face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry. Save your more intense face washing for at night. I would also recommend toner to those of you with oily or combination skin.

Q:Should I moisturize?

A: Absolutely! Start off by choosing a moisturizer that is made for you skin type. Then apply it to your face. If you dont like wearing too much stuff on your face, I recommend a tinted moisturizer.

Q:Should I apply primer?

A: Primer is not necessary. But it does help achieve certain looks. Id say if youre a beginner to stay away from the primer until you get the basics down.

A:Should I apply concealer?

A: I use concealer everyday. Its great for hiding discolorations, acne, or dark circles. I do recommend it to beginners. Like I said before concealer is great at hiding red spots or acne. There are different shades of concealer for different skin tones, so make sure you get what is right for you.

Q: How do I choose a foundation?

A: You can do this by placing a small amount on your wrist to see if it matches your skin tone well. Sometimes it helps to learn what kind of undertones you have.

Q:How much coverage is enough coverage?

A: Foundation and coverage go hand in hand. Cream foundation will give you the most coverage. Liquid can give you a light to medium coverage, depending on the brand. Powder gives you the lightest coverage. I usually pair liquid and power foundations to get my perfected look.

Q;How do I apply foundation?

A: There are many different ways to apply foundation and no way is wrong. If you are using powder you can use the makeup sponge or a special brush. If you are using liquid or cream you cna use the above listed methods or your fingers.

Q:Should I use powder after my cream/liquid foundation?

A: I say yes! Find a color that matches your skin tone and lightly apply some powder.

Q: How do I choose eyeshadow colors?

A: There is no right or wrong way. Personally I have hazel eyes and like wearing dark and light browns and occasionally other colors that go with my eyes on the average day. I will explain more about todays trends in another post but for today I will leave some color suggestions. Every color will look great on you, but here is a place to start!. If you have blue eyes try wearing dark blue or grey. If you have brown eyes try wearing bronze or brown. If you have green eyes try both light and dark green. If you have grey eyes try grey or charcoal. And finally if you have hazel eyes try green and gold.

Q:What now?

A: You can do anything you want! I recommend checking out eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencils, blush, bronzer, liplinear, lipstick, and/or lipgloss. Personally I dont use all of those product but they are worth checking out. Make sure you get something that you enjoy wearing!


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