My Favorite Shoes.

These are a must have! I'm definitely going to be wearing these with skater skirts!:)):
These shoes are must have! They are perfect with skater skirts. I love them! And if you love them too, be sure to give this blog a follow. If you have them too. be sure to leave a comment with a pic of your shoes. Again really nice shoes, be sure to leave a like and follow me.

Taupe Buckle Booties. Want, but sadly not in stock.:
I have wanted these boots for a very long time, and they finally came back in stock. Now that I have these, I can say they are great! I actually found them at target for about 35 USD. I believe they are also in stock online.
Most adorable & comfortable flats and they remind me of a sailor becuz of the bow:
These are the most affordable and comfortable plants. They are so cute especially in the summertime.

Harper Detailed Lace Leather Lace Up Boots:
All I can say about these boots is that they look so nice! I love them.

Perfect flats for a wedding reception when your feet start to hurt!:
I brought these shoes to a wedding reception; they were perfect for when my feet started to hurt. I changed from my heels to these and still looked oh so cute. They are wonderful for weddings. They are a tad pricey but well worth it.


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