Purse Goals?

Hey everyone! So today I decided to post some pictures of my favorite purses that I own! I hope you enjoy

Mamuye leather tote, hand-crafted in Ethiopia | fashionABLE:
I love this purse because it was handcrafted in Ethiopia. This purse is beautiful and nice. No other words can describe it!

 This is my favorite purse, whenever I switch purses for a bit I find myself going back to this one.:
This is my favorite purse. Whenever I switch purses, I always find myself going back to this one. This bag is perfect. I know that a lot of my fans, aka you guys, also have this purse so be sure to leave a comment saying what you think of it.

Campomaggi Lavata Satchel Leather cognac 28 cm - C1295VL-1702 | Designer Brands :: wardow.com:

Every girl needs a leather satchel. Enough said.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short post. I was super busy today as seen by all my new reviews posted! I promise longer posts for this weekend!!


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