Random Updates for the Lovelies

I was just insanely bored today and decided to just blog away like I used to do when I worked with Schoola. Today was insanely uneventful except for a few random things.

1- I got a ton of love from all you girls going to your homecoming dance in the next monthish. Im so glad all of you liked my suggestion about the mint earrings. All of you young ladies are going to look so fabulous out on the dance floor. I encourage all of you to post your picture in the comments or to my Facebook Page so I can make blog post about them sometime in the future. 

2-I finally got around to reviewing my Inkhead product that I received. You can check out that review on my blog. It was sitting on my desk all week. Im surprised I even got around to blogging Ive been so busy with my actual company that I encourage all you crazy kids to go take a good look at. Ive also been bogged down with responding with emails. A few new companies were interested in working with me on a one time review basis and so I had to exchange info with them. But dont worry my faithful fans I will post this weekend to make up for all the blogs that I didnt post this week. 

3-Speaking of email I had to completely change my email. Gmail decided that I was a spam sending and completely shut down my work email. It will not let me send any more messages. What the heck Gmail? What did I do to you. All I did was send a few emails to some people I was working with and you call me spam? I was emailing my sister when they decided to shut me down. So my apologies to all of my lovelies trying to get in touch with my at nscottcontracting@gmail.com I moved to nscottcontracting@outlook.com. If you emailed my old one, you can expect a speedy reply in the days to come. I will officially close my old gmail account on October 1st so I ask that you please send all of your fanmail to my new one or my Facebook Page.

4-I went to go get some professional photos done and here I thought it was gonna be super fun and amazing. Its not. Its almost exactly the same as when you get your yearbook photo taken in 6th grade. Except this time my hair looked a lot better and guys think Im cute. 

5-I literally spent half an hour looking for cereal yesterday. Lets all take a moment to remember that I am human too. 

To sum it all up-it was a pretty uneventful week but an extremely busy one. I promise I will  respond to all my fanmail by this Monday to make up for any lost time. Have a great weekend Loves!!


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