Stay Hydrated

Very recently, my good friends father was sent into the hospital due to dehydration. It gave him the same symptoms as heart failure. Humans need water to live. Yet often times, people dont drink enough.

When I first began working out, I almost never brought water, I figured id burn more calories that way. Turns out thats a very dumb move. Water has no calories and is especially important when you are working out. I probably could have done a better job at loosing weight if I had brought along water and possibly an energy bar to eat afterwards. Starving your body from what it needs can kill you.

In college, I had a very large outdoor campus. At times temperatures outside would be in the 90s. I was a sweaty mess on those days. Luckily I wasnt the only one. Thinking back I remember not being able to concentrate well on those days and being extremely thirsty. I distinctly remember one day in math walking in and seeing a girl pull out her water bottle and I just wished I could be her. I had just come from a long cross campus walk to get to this class because I had spent a little too long in the food court. I felt like I was dying. I dont even remember the lecture. It was an awful day. I ended up going out and ordering a root beer but that seemed to only make it worse. After that root beer is when I started drinking only water, juice, and milk.

On a more touchy subject, when I was dealing with anorexia(Freshman year of H.S.-if you have it please seek help) I almost never ate or drank anything. Being 20lbs underweight meant a lot of issues. I remember when I first sought out help with my doctor and parents, my doctor said to immediate start drinking more water than I had been along with seeing specialist to get me on eating place etc. At the time, I didnt understand the significance but now I do. Water is so crucial to your body.

Never fear-if you dislike drinking water, you can actually find water in a lot of other things. There is plenty of water in watermelon for example. Another option is to try carbonated water. It is fizzy and is usually also zero calories. If you have children, see if their school permits them to bring water in the classroom/hallways.  I strongly encourage everyone to aim for 16oz of water a day-whether that is straight glasses or water from other foods or beverages. To conclude my story about my friend's dad, he is okay. He was in the hospital for one day and one night. His story is something we can all learn from-water is insanely important.


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