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Fall Fashion: Lovely Outfits

Hey everyone! Its almost the weekend! Today, I have compiled some outfits that I love! I hope you all enjoy!


If you are being a gypsy for Halloween this year, you can definitely wear an outfit like this. This is also a super cute outfit if you love gypsy-inspired fashion!

#2-Boho-Chic: Summer Inspired

I already miss Summer. For a similar look, you can also take out the hat.


If you live in a colder area, definitely wear a slip dress underneath this. I love the tied up maxi skirt! It is so cute! If you live in a warmer area try getting some braided sandals and a bralette. This is a boho fashion must have!

#4-Boho Chic

This is such a nice fashionable outfit. I love boho chic outfits that feature a black color pallet.


This fall outfit has a cute western influence. I love the boots and the unique necklace. I love the whole outfit really. It is so cool, for lack of a better term.

Do you feel the wanderlust?

Review: Chaser Clothing

DISCLAIMER: I received product(s) for free in exchange for this review.
Looks:I love the look of this clothing! Chaser really has the cutest clothes! I totally recommend them for this holiday season.
Price: Everything on this site ( is definitely affordable You definitely get your money's worth. 
Packaging: Everything arrived in a box and was vacuum sealed in individual bags. 
Customer Service: This company has great customer service! I reached out to the company about the review through their customer service. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
Skin Issues: The clothing is very high quality and does not bother sensitive skin(like mine)
Summary: 5/5! I love this company so much. I will post pictures after my blogging meet up! Highly recommend and makes a perfect gift! 

Fall Fashion:Boho Goddess

Now, many of you know I live the boho style. So today I am featuring some outfits that make me look and feel like a goddess. Heck, I feel like a goddess just imagining myself wearing them. Get ready for v-necks, sandals, and totes! Let me know what you think by emailing


Okay, so this does have an element of summer to it, but it is still amazingly flowy and boho-y(is that a word). I wish I could wear an outfit like this everyday. Also, to break a rumor, short girls can enjoy maxi skirts too!

#2-Music Festival

This music inspired outfit just screams fall


I love the phonecase, watch, and glasses. This is a gorgeous dress.

#4-Feeling Good

The only thing that could be changed in this outfit is to change the clutch to a bag.

#5-Love of Mine


Hello Everyone!
Today I have a super quick little review to do for you. DISCLAIMER: I received product for free in exchange for this review. So was kind enough to send me a smock to try out. Now, I am definitely no artist, but I do dabble a bit. I love to paint. the smock they sent was comfortable and effective. I highly recommend this product. I have included a list of my top 5 smocks that I love! I think every artist needs a smock from



This is actually the smock I tried, that is why it is ranked #1 on this list. I love the two pockets it has! Perfect for keeping paintbrushes! As you can see, the smock is designed especially for girls!


Again, I am loving the two pockets. Even if you arent an artist, all professionals that work in a dirty/messy environment(or make the mess) need a smock. These pockets look perfect for holding a n…

Fall Fashion: My Favorite Outfits

Hello Everyone! Today, I wanted to pick the cutest outfits ever and include them in one blog post! Enjoy!


I love the sassiness of this outfit.

#2-Stylish Evening

I love this cute outfit!

#3-Army Green


I love the natural feel of this outfit. The only thing I want to add is a cute, stylish bag.

#5-Boho Goddess

I know I did not write a whole lot in this post, but I feel like the outfits speak for themselves. Do you feel the wanderlust? Let me know at

Review: 599 Fashion

Disclaimer: I received products for free in exchange for an honest review.  I love making fashion blog posts! But what I love more than making posts is reviewing clothing! I received clothes from I received 5 articles of clothing for free. The best thing about is everything is 5.99 or less! also states, " 100% SATISFACTION PROMISE: If not completely happy with any of your items, we offer FREE Returns & Exchanges. Please go to the returns info page on our website for more info."
 Lets get to the review:
Look: I love how the clothes look! They are exactly as they are portrayed on the site!
Smell: You know how sometimes you order clothes from online and they come back smelling weird? No need to worry about that with 
Returns: I love a clothing site that offers returns/exchanges. It is so important to me, especially since I sometimes has difficulty finding a size that fits me. 
Quality: o…

Fall Fashion: Modern Hippy Fashion

Hello Everybody! The week is almost over! I hope you enjoy this hippy themed fashion post!


I know the colors in this outfit are a bit spring but I think this outfit would be cute in the fall too! I love the pants and the blouse!


This is a classic boho look. This is definitely a must have for this fall. Printed pants are in this fall, and I hope they stay in style throughout the winter. I love the plain shirt with the printed pants. It really pulls the focus to the pants.


I love this outfit!


Where I am currently at, Sunhats are a must have as are dresses. It is too hot to be fall! These sandals are a must have(Or replace them with closed toed shoes)

#5-Cute Country

I love the flare jeans and the shape of the tank. This cute tunic is perfect for fall weather.

Do you feel the wanderlust? Let me know at

Review: Good Earth Beauty: Pumpkin Spice Perfume

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 
Hello Everyone! Only a few days until Halloween! You all know that means that I am really starting to feel festive, especially with this new pumpkin spice perfume that I am reviewing today. I was extremely interested in this product since the moment I heard about it, and I really enjoyed it. For more info on these products click here to see their website or click here to email them.  On to the review!

Fall Fashion

Good Afternoon Everyone! It is actually starting to feel like fall. As many of you know, I recently worked with to bring you some cute outfits. I wore the sweater I received today and got tons of compliments on it. So, I decided to create some cute fall fashion looks for you all today based off of the sweater I wore.


Okay so I know I promised outfits with cardigans, but this outfit was too cute to pass up. I love the boho look.


This seems like such a cute outfit to wear for a morning walk. Or, try replacing the shorts with yoga pants to make a cute outfit to wear to yoga. I love this; it is such a perfect outfit.

#3-Fall Warrior

This seasons newest trend is wearing a jacket or cardigan with a plain shirt to create stunning looks.I adore the blue and brown color pallet. I love the straps and buckles on the boots as well as the fringe on the bag. I want this whole outfit in my closest right now, especially those boots. The handbag is super cute …

Fall Fashion:Night on the Town

Hello everyone! Today all the outfits you are looking at are designed for a fun fall night on the town!

#1-Hippy Chic

I love this outfit! I want it so badly.


I love the tunic dress and boots. For a more preppy look, you can add a cute belt to the dress to achieve your desired look.

#3-Fake Empire

This outfit falls under teen fashion! This outfit gives me wanderlust for the city lights at night. This is most likely my favorite outfit in this post.

#4-Fall Essentials

This cute casual outfit is perfect for a fun night out or for a first date! I love this whole outfit.

#5-Cute Fall Outfit

I love this American Hippy/Boho/Indie Style. All of those styles apply for this outfit. This reminds me of an Elephant Festival I went to over the summer. I included outfits with shorts because in some places (where I am), it is still like 80 degrees. I love the shirt. I really love t shirts that have pictures on them. The jeans and belt are so cute. The bag is really unique; I have never seen an…

Review: Sugar Sugar {Body Balm}

Disclaimer: I received this product for exchange for an honest review. My opinions are entirely my own, do not represent anyone else, and may differ from yours.  
When I found Sugar Sugar (previously known as Bohemian Flair), I was so excited! I am always looking for all natural health and beauty products. I received the Cranberry Scent from their Autumn Collection. You can definitely smell the Cranberry in this product. The Balm is made of soy, coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamin E. The fragrance is also entirely natural. It takes the balm a bit of time to absorb into the skin. I started looking for products like this when my eczema got out of control a few springs ago. Again, they no longer got by Bohemian Flair, they go by Sugar Sugar. If after reading this review you decide you want to order one or want more info check out their Facebook or email the company here. The company takes custom and wholesale orders. I hope you all enjoy the review:
Looks-I honestly loved the look of th…


Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope you enjoy some cute fall fashion ideas! Let me know what you think in the comments or by emailing


I love the top! It is so cute and definitely in style. The great thing about the top is that it can go with so many outfits. And for those who still have warm fall weather(aka me), exchange the jeans for similarly  colored shorts!

#2-Charming Fashion

This is the perfect outfit for meeting up with friends!

#3-Always Running

I actually have a field notebook that I write poetry in. If you do not have a field journal yet, I recommend getting one. They are so handy!This is such a cool outfit!I love this outfit. It is so indie.

#4-Front Pocket Skirt

I love dresses and skirts that have pockets! They are becoming more and more popular in the certain areas of fashion. This outfit is so cute!


I kind of wish the straps on the tank were a bit bigger. But still, this is a very cute boho outfit. This outfit is perfect for a…

Fall Fashion: Boho

Hello everyone! I loved writing about my favorite style of them all, so I decided to write a little more about the boho style.
#1-Fun with Friends I think this is just the perfect outfit to wear for fall festivities! I really love everything about this outfit, but for those who want a a toned down boho look, try wearing a shirt that you can tuck in to show off the belt. You can try a simple, thin-kint turtle neck with a cool scarf or try a button down shirt with this necklace. But in my opinion, I love this outfit!
#2-Jeans Flare jeans may not be popular in other styles of fashion, but in the boho style, everyone wears flares. A lot of my friends who practice the same style often wear an outfit similar to this. I am so jealous of them! I desperately want an outfit like this. This is the kind of outfit that is perfect for every body type! For people who love everything but the shoes( I know it is cold in some places right now), try replacing the shoes with similarly colored ankle boots…