Hey everyone! I am taking a well deserved day off from product reviews to focus more on me!! I got lots of love from fans yesterday and this morning! They had so many questions for me so I decided to answer it all in one post by talking about my lifestyle! I hope that this answers all of your questions!

I live the bohemian lifestyle which is definitely different from the everyday person. I do everything with passion as well as an open mind. Life is worth living. I know it might seem crazy, but I embrace Mondays. I work for myself, so just about every aspect of my life is unconventional.

Do you hate math? Now I do not necessarily reject logic, as some people do. I greatly appreciate maths and sciences. I totally believe that logic is useful for a lot of aspects, but it definitely has its limits. I believe that you need to trust your intuition. This is a common thought shared among people who partake in this lifestyle. It is important to take your own experiences as use them as knowledge to help guide yourself through life.

How do I feel about the city? I get asked this question a million zillion times. I love and hate the city. I would never ever want to live in the city, but I love visiting it. Its a love hate relationship. I love living in the beauty of nature and getting to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets and also the stars and moon. On the other hand, I love the culture of the city. Unfortunately, cities have become more and more dangerous making me scared to visit.

Are you naive? I believe that everyone has a little good in them. Some call it naive. It is just how I like to look at life.

Do people like you value freedom of everything? Freedom is a tricky topic. I would honestly love for everyone to have individual freedom in life.

Do you study history? YES! History is extremely important to me and to everyone in my "tribe'. Tribe meaning the people who I travel with and attend concerts with, etc. I personally believe that history can help guide us so we, as humans, do not make the same mistake twice. Stay in school kids!

How do you feel about nature? I love nature. Nature is the most beautiful thing. Now some of my lifestyle buddies go farther than me and say the truth can be found in nature. Personally, I do not agree. But hey, its a lifestyle just like all the other styles of clothing I showed. Each style of clothing has its own lifestyle.

Do you have your own myths and legends? Well I think all of America has its own legendary tales. Think of the old west lie Bonnie and Clyde. Legendary story. For my fans in other countries, leave your myths in the comments, Id love to read them.

Do you enjoy reading? Yes. I love reading. My favorite books to read are ones about future societies.

How do I raise my kids the bohemian? Well this is tough.But Id say start by valuing your children.Once you fully comprehend what an amazing and tough task it is to raise a child, you can begin. Its important to give them basic Bohemian concepts. Your children should be allowed to be themselves. They should also believe everyone has good in them. Your children should learn to take initiative. Bring them closer to nature. Let them be wild. Let them run around outside in the rain. Let them explore beyond the mulch of the playground. Just make sure they are safe. And teach them to treat all genders and races equally.

I hope you all enjoyed this q and a session. I promise there will be more fashion tomorrow!!


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