Business Attire Fall 2015

Hello there all my fellow business women! Creating an outfit that is cute can be so difficult sometimes! Especially when its 6:30am on a Monday morning and your brain just does not want to work. Well have no fear! I have some cute outfit ideas to inspire you.

30 Cute and Beautiful Everyday Outfit Polyvore Combinations - Be Modish - Be Modish:
When I was in school, teachers seemed to either have a lot of style or no style at all. So you out to be the teacher that has tons of style. These jeans are super cute and perfect for casual Fridays. The necklace adds a beautiful touch to this modest outfit, but the shirt really brings this whole outfit together and gives it a classy feel.

#2-Social Worker
red & turquoise, created by classycathleen on Polyvore:
Social Workers have style. Its in the job description. So why not change up your wardrobe with a red and turquoise color pallet.

"Amanda" by stay-at-home-mom on Polyvore.  I really like this and it shares my name :-):
This is my favorite outfit in this blog post. I really love the teal and white color pallet. This outfit is definitely makes you look professional. Again, the turquoise against white can have an amazing effect-especially if you have blue or grey eyes!

Grey and Neon Yellow
Whether you work in a school or otherwise you need to look super cute and super professional. The grey and neon yellow can have an amazing effect.

#5-Tax Preparers
35 Pretty Maxi Skirt Outfits Polyvore Combinations This Summer - Be Modish - Be Modish:
No one likes taxes, but that doesnt mean that no one can like your outfit! This modest outfit is super cute. But if you want to be even more modest-try adding in a denim jacket. I love the skirt. And the shirt is so cute.

Was your job not mentioned in this post? Have no fear-there will be more posts like these. Do you want a certain job mention. Send me an email at


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