Country Fall Outfits Part 2

Hey all! Now, I know I made a country post yesterday, but I got a lot of mail from my Southern friends saying that they loved it! So, I decided to make another one because I got so many requests. Country is not my style, but there are some aspects of it that I just love!

#1-Country Chic
"Country Chic" by mclaires ❤ liked on Polyvore:
I love this outfit. Enough said

#2-Backwoods Princess
"Outfit for Today:)" by backwoods-princess ❤ liked on Polyvore ~~Country fashion~~:
Besides the camo( I am not a huge fan of camo) I am wearing an outfit very similar to this right now. I told you I do like some aspects of it. Especially since today I had a lot of outside work to do thanks to the insane amount of leaves in my yard. I will most likely not wear an outfit like this on a daily basis, but some of you Country fans might!(let me know in the comments). I love parts of this outfit a lot!

"Pajamas" by camo-ammo-queen ❤ liked on Polyvore. I have the slippers, pretty sure I could live the rest of my life in this outfit lol:
I have never done this before, but I decided to include some pajamas in a fashion blog post. I dont know what has gotten into me, but lately I have been obsessed with finding cute pajamas to wear. For people who love the Country style, these pajamas are super cute-especially because they contain camo. I actually already have these boots, and I am pretty sure that this is the most comfy outfit I have ever posted about on this blog.

#4-Chocolate and Cozy
Chocolate and Cozy! Love the sweater Jeans and Earrings the most!: \
Named after the brown hues and the cozy look, this outfit is adorable! My top three favorite things in this outfit are the sweater, the jeans, and the boots.

#5-Modern Cowgirl
"Under 50" by laaudra-rasco on Polyvore jacket is so cute!!:
I love everything about this outfit. The shirt could be so many other colors and still look super cute. The jacket is definitely the cutest part of this outfit though!

I hope everyone who requested for another Country post enjoyed this one just as much as the last one! If you want to request that a certain style is blogged about leave a comment or send fanmail to Thanks for reading!


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