Country Fashion Ideas- Fall 2015

Hey all! Today I saw this young lady wearing the cutest cowboy boots, so I decided to make a fall fashion post featuring Country Fashion. The country look is unique to the American South. And even though I am not in the south, I cannot help but love some of the outfits I see. I hope you all enjoy!

#1-A Walk in the Woods
"A Walk in the Fall Woods" by roniylea on Polyvore psst I have the frye boots pictured and ♥ them - Jessica:
The Country style is all about boots. I am in love with these boots pictured above. I have a pair and can testify to their cuteness.

#2-Farm Girl
"farm girl" by johnny-samantha-vaught on Polyvore.. Maybe slightly different boots for me, but really like this overall!:
Now for some people who have trouble with brown boots(Hey I am one of those people. I just cant seem to pull them off), try getting black boots instead. I really like the overall look and feel of this outfit. These boots are super cute, and I think they really make the outfit. Even though I usually am not a huge fan of the Country style, this outfit is so me. Just make sure you dont wear real diamonds to the barn!

#3-Simple, Cute, and Camo
"Simple, Cute & Camo" by barnprincess97 on Polyvore:
This is definitely the perfect outfit considering hunting season has just started!

#4-The Cowgirl in Me
"the cowgirl in me" by mattiestockman on Polyvore:
This is an outfit that you can recreate super easily which is why I love it. I have these same boots and I always get tons of compliments and feel super cute in them. This is my favorite outfit in the post. This outfit has a lot of style and a great fall color pallet.

28 Trendy Polyvore Outfits Fall/Winter - Fashion Diva Design:
There was no other way to describe this outfit other than beautiful. I love this outfit because it has the Country style and contains a lot of Fall 2015's trending styles. For instance, this outfit has a cute, yet simple, brown purse.I really love this purse, and if anyone knows where to find it, please let me know. Tops also play a crucial part in creating a cute fall look, and this top certainly does a great job. I love and need this outfit, and Im sure you all feel the same way. The jeans are also a better choice than leggings or shorts in my opinion. The jacket is really pretty. All in all, I love the pieces of this outfit.

So what did you think? Do you need these outfits in your closet or maybe just a piece or two? Is there anything you want to add? Leave a comment or email


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