Fall Fashion: Boho

Hello Everyone! Today, I am talking about my fashion style, Boho otherwise known as Bohemian or Boho Chic. I hope you all enjoy today's post.

#1-Be Happy
"Be happy." by carocuixiao ❤ liked on Polyvore I really just want the sunglasses:
As a follower of the boho lifestyle(not just clothing style), it is very important for me to be happy and to find ways to be happy. This outfit definitely makes me happy. I really love this sunglasses. I think they almost bring the outfit together. But this skirt is what really makes the outfit boho. The boho style is classified by flowing clothes and patterns. If you are new to the fashion world, look at the boho style as a modern day hippie. This outfit is so cute, and I am so glad I got to feature it in a blog post. This outfit is so me.

#2-Charcoal and Tussocks
Charcoal and Tussocks by vv0lf on Polyvore featuring Graumann, One Teaspoon, Friis & Company, Ray-Ban, Incase, SheaMoisture, Sephora Collection, Nearly Natural, Vascolari and Urbanears:
I love this outfit's minimalist style!

#3-Gratitude and Self-Forgiveness.
"Gratitude and Self Forgiveness" by vv0lf on Polyvore:
Gratitude and Self-Forgiveness are two other very important traits to bohemians. They may have been the most important things I have ever learned. Be grateful and forgive yourself when needed. I love this outfit so much because of its classy yet humble vie.

"Untitled #134" by yasmin-louise on Polyvore:
I really love the design on the t shirt and the color pallet in this outfit. 

#5-Its Only You and Me
"It's only you and me in this equation." by carocuixiao ❤ liked on Polyvore:
This is probably my favorite outfit in this blog post. It is super cute! I recommend this outfit for a first date!

So what did you think? Do you feel the wanderlust? Let me now in the comments or at nscottcontracting@outlook.com.


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