Fall Fashion: Boho

Hello everyone! I loved writing about my favorite style of them all, so I decided to write a little more about the boho style.

#1-Fun with Friends
I like everything except the top, would wear a shirt tucked in to show off the cool belt! Maybe a simple thin-knit turtle neck with a cool scarf or a button down with a stand out necklace:
I think this is just the perfect outfit to wear for fall festivities! I really love everything about this outfit, but for those who want a a toned down boho look, try wearing a shirt that you can tuck in to show off the belt. You can try a simple, thin-kint turtle neck with a cool scarf or try a button down shirt with this necklace. But in my opinion, I love this outfit!

I constantly see this outfit on here, and I desperately want it! It's beyond perfect for my body type, color and all. <3:
Flare jeans may not be popular in other styles of fashion, but in the boho style, everyone wears flares. A lot of my friends who practice the same style often wear an outfit similar to this. I am so jealous of them! I desperately want an outfit like this. This is the kind of outfit that is perfect for every body type! For people who love everything but the shoes( I know it is cold in some places right now), try replacing the shoes with similarly colored ankle boots. The necklace in this outfit is so simple and pretty. It is great at accenting the boho look. I really love this whole outfit; there is no other way to phrase it. I really like the darker green for fall. This cute and classic fall outfit is perfect for family time!

#3-Cafe Date
cafe date must have Beach wear hipster vintage love you me girl couple fashion clothes like kiss hope cute stuff bows nails eyes makeup shoes heels jewerly lips hair blonde color diy lol shirt shorts famous curly winter summer camera dress great justin bieber headband long brown straight boots hippie in special place wonderful pretty pink wow cars skinny health beauty skin face fitness food good:
This outfit looks super comfy. I love the dress and sweater combo. I have never done that before this year, and I have to say, it looks super cute on everybody! I really want this. This lovely outfit is perfect for a date with you and your man or for taking the kids out on an adventure!

"Elephantine" by child-of-the-tropics on Polyvore:
I love this outfit! This tropical attire is perfect for hanging out with your best friend, 

I love all of this! I lean toward the books more so than cameras, but oh well!:
I lover all of this. I love the boots more than the camera but whatever. The cardigan is adorable. This lovely outfit is perfect for spending time outside.

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