Fall Fashion

Good Afternoon Everyone! It is actually starting to feel like fall. As many of you know, I recently worked with pinkblushmaternity.com to bring you some cute outfits. I wore the sweater I received today and got tons of compliments on it. So, I decided to create some cute fall fashion looks for you all today based off of the sweater I wore.

"Spring" by amabiledesigns on Polyvore #boho:
Okay so I know I promised outfits with cardigans, but this outfit was too cute to pass up. I love the boho look.

"Amarillo by Morning" by qtpiekelso on Polyvore:
This seems like such a cute outfit to wear for a morning walk. Or, try replacing the shorts with yoga pants to make a cute outfit to wear to yoga. I love this; it is such a perfect outfit.

#3-Fall Warrior
"Fall Warrior" by felicia-alexandra on Polyvore.  Blue, brown, denim, leather, jeans, love the straps and buckles on the boots, and the fringe on the bag:
This seasons newest trend is wearing a jacket or cardigan with a plain shirt to create stunning looks.I adore the blue and brown color pallet. I love the straps and buckles on the boots as well as the fringe on the bag. I want this whole outfit in my closest right now, especially those boots. The handbag is super cute and so is this outfit!


It is too hot to be fall!

#5-Dark Hippy
"dark hippy" by raeshellia on Polyvore:
Keeping in with today's trend, I have included another cardigan! I love the darkness to this otherwise boho outfit.

Peace, Love, and Wanderlust,


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