Fall Office Attire

Happy Sunday everyone! Tomorrow, we all go back to work, so why not do it in style? I always love creating cute office outfits. Let me know what you all think down below in the comments or email me at nscottcontracting@outlook.com for fanmail or business inquiries

Nice classy work outfit... taupe or tan shirt with tie around bow... pencil skirt (brown or dark hunter green) pumps gold accessories watch ring and handbag:
The classy jewelry in this outfit is perfect for the office! A lot of times you guys ask me for alternatives to outfits. For instance, some colors just dont look good on me so dont worry. I have lots of alternative ideas for this outfits. I would definitely keep the tan shirt. But the skirt could be a variety of colors. I recommend tan, dark brown, or dark hunter green.

#2-Cardigan, Dress, and Boots
I really love parts of the outfit (for instance, the dress)... "Cardigan, Dress and Boots" by averbeek on Polyvore - love the cardigan:
Cardigans, dresses, and boots are starting to really define this fashion season. I really love the dress color in this outfit. It is perfect for that November-December transitioning period between seasons. I love the cardigan too. It really captures the essence of fall. I really do love the dress though. I personally think it brings together the whole outfit. This outfit gives off a very graceful aura, making you look and feel professional. Again, I really love the color pallet in this outfit. It is overall a very nice outfit for work and contains a dress style that looks great on everyone!

#3-Neutral with a Pop of Color
LOVE THE COAT  "OPI" by seasunsand ❤ liked on Polyvore:
There is not a whole lot to say for this combo, I think the picture really speaks for itself. I do really love the nail polish colors, and I think a lot can be done with that.

Work wear... "Untitled #385" by sweetlikecandycane on Polyvore:
This is the perfect work wear. I really like the pants, and normally, I do not wear pants to work or to meetings as a personal style choice. But for this outfit only, I think I might start. This is definitively not typical outfit you will see my create under office attire, but I do really like how it all looks together.

#5-Going into the Office
"Going Into The Office" by strawberrybrownie on Polyvore. Instant love here! The shoes, no; I do well to walk on flat ground lol! Other than that, I'm get to go!:
The same pants make a reappearance! As soon as I created this outfit, I instantly fell in love. For some people who can not handle high heels, no need to worry change them out for cute flat for the same professional effect. I recently injured my foot and am bound to no heels until next weekend(this is gonna be one long week). Other than the fact that I ( and a few of my fans) cannot wear these heels, I love this outfit!

So my working women, what did you think? Did you completely love this post? Let me know in the comments or email nscottcontracting@outlook.com


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