Hello Everyone! Im here today to introduce to those new to the fashion world some styles of clothes. This way, you can look at some pics of clothes and see what you like! 
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Personally, I love the Boho look. Its pretty much all I wear. The boho look is both stunning and simple. The boho style is all about matching colors that go together. For this example, these browns and turquoises go great together. This style is awesome and is also so me!(Which is why it got to be the first style listed).

Love the ruffles and boots!:
This look is clearly very different from the boho style. Some key aspects of the preppy style are ruffles and boots! 


not sure I care for the denim vest with this, kind of makes the look a little too masculine in my opinion..I would put a vest with it just a different one:
This is a more masculine grunge outfit in my opinion. To make it more feminine, simply remove the vest. As you can see. grunge is a nice and unique style. The picture really says more than my words can.

tied tank & chunky sweater More outfits:
This style is super cute! Some key aspects of the indie style are tanks and chunky sweaters. Even though indie is not really my style, I would love to wear this! The tank is beautiful. Its more of a spring color but still. The jean shorts are so cute. They are definitely much cuter than the ones I am currently wearing.  The sweater is great! All in all a lovely look!

URBAN: outfit it would be this urban uniform. Simple, functional, ready for adventure and beautiful in an un-assuming kind of way. A pared back colour palette to really let style do the talking.:
The urban style is simple and functional. With an urban style you always look ready for adventure and beautiful. I picked a black color palette to accent the style. If you are a guy, I would recommend getting a bow tie for your urban look. I really love this bag! Even though I usually do not like urban style clothing, this bag would be perfect for traveling. Fans of the urban style will love the shirt and scarf.


Emo punk clothes -take away the boots and add some killer chain heels/ankle boots and I'm loving it!!!:
This is the punk style. It is related to grunge the in same way that bohemian is related to indie. Personally, I would exchange these boots for ankle boots that looked similar( I just could not find any on the app I used to make these). Anyways, this is a lovely style!

So, what did you guys think? Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments or send some fanmail over to Fanmail is always appreciated and I will do my best to get back to as many as I can. 



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