Halloween Costume Ideas!!

There are only 3 weeks left for you to get a costume!!!Still dont know what to get? Check out my ideas and let me know what you think. Happy (early) Halloween

#1-Star Wars

"If I were a Jedi Knight" by ghsdrummajor ❤ liked on Polyvore:
I love this Halloween Costume! Dress up as a Jedi Knight this Halloween and look super cute doing it. You can even coordinate this outfit with your friends. You will look fire in this costume!

"Divergent - Dauntless - The brave" by mockingaby on Polyvore:
Dress up as a brave dauntless this holiday! I absolutely love this costume. This is an outfit you can make at home-so it is cheap too. I also adore the fact that it looks so similar to the real thing

#3-Alice in Wonderland
"Mad T Party Alice" by princesschandler on Polyvore:
You can be the most mad at the Tear Party in this costume!I love how this is a darker costume and not the sweet innocent little Alice. 

#4-Greek Goddess
"Greek goddess (Halloween party with Harry)" by milinda-guerra ❤ liked on Polyvore:

You will look so great in this costume-Aphrodite herself will be jealous of you. This is my personal favorite costume to wear to a Halloween Party-especially if you are going with a date. If you dress up as a goddess be sure to coordinate costumes with your man and have him dress up like a Greek god!

#5-Wendy from Peter Pan
I wanted so badly to be Wendy from Peter Pan. I still like to think that I, like her, am a storyteller.:
Wendy Darling is classic Disney character. As a kid, I loved Wendy. I love this costume!!

Let me know what you think in the comments below or email nscottcontracting@outlook.com!


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