Hey everyone! I just could not resist not blogging about more outfits. I seriously love clothes, and I seriously wish that it actually felt like fall. The high today was 80 degrees!! What the heck! Its October?!?! I hope a cold front comes in soon because I am sooo ready to get my fall on. Here are some cute outfit ideas for you all:


I really love this outfit. I l\adore the modest pants. Fall is just not a good time for short shorts. The belt is also a really nice touch. The beautiful cardigan is what really takes this outfit from regular to fashionable. I predict that this fall is gonna be all about the cardigans. This outfit also has a great color pallet! 

#2-Working Girl
Hello there working girls! This outfit is for you! I really like this outfit. The scarf literally screams nice and comfy which is exactly what every fashionable girl needs on a Monday morning-trust me I can relate. The sunglasses take the look from quickly thrown together to fashionably dressed down. The sweater is amazing! I adore it. Its is the kind of sweater that is perfect for a first date or a night out! The jeans are not only great for casual Friday, but they are great to wear when you go and get coffee with friends this fall (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?).  The bracelet is a little fancy for work but makes this outfit reusable for a night on the town. I like the watch a lot, and thats all I can really say about it. The shoes are beautiful! I hope this outfit inspires you to go do some fall shopping!

#3-Brown and Teal

I admire this pallet. Whoever created the brown and teal combo back before history books was a genius! It is perfect for fall. I am aware that some people are nervous to try draped clothing-for those people I totally understand! and I recommend checking out a plain teal t shirt with a tight fit. It will totally complement your figure. But for everyone else, definitely give it a try! I really love this bag. I would probably take better care of it than I do myself if I owned it. This outfit is my perfect prediction of what will be popular in October-Late December. I admire anyone who already has everything to create this look.

I know a ton of you highly regard the preppy look. So I made a special Fall look for you all. Now normally I do not enjoy the preppy style, but I love this entire outfit. The shirt is a perfect color for fall. I adore the pattern. The whole outfit screams fall, especially the cardigan. Simply fabulous!

For some of you lucky ducks, it is actually feeling like fall. If this outfit does not make you want to go buy yourself a fall cardigan, I do not know what will. I love fall cardigans! The scarf is really nice. It really brings the whole outfit together and gives it that fall atmosphere. The shirt is beautiful. Button ups are really growing on me. Such a lovely outfit that you can wear anywhere!!

I hope you all enjoyed! More to come tomorrow!! 


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