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Welcome to fall everyone! I am so so ready for this fashion season. Today, I have put together some outfit ideas that will hopefully inspire you! 

For Teens:

Simple Casual Fall Outfit With Cable Oversize Cardigan:
I love this outfit a number of reasons. 1. Its simple. And all teens favor the simple look. Or at least I did during my teen years. 2. Its casual. I specifically chose a casual purse that I also fell in love with! 3. Its fall. And I love fall outfits. 4. It has a cardigan. I love ensembles with a cardigan. So teen readers, how did I do? Let me know in the comments!

For School:

Long sleeved oversized sweater, medium wash denim, chunky scarf, and Steve Madden Troops boots!:
I know a lot of you guys dont like it when I include hair suggestions but this outfit needed it. As someone who was recently in school, I think I have the college style down pretty well. For this fall outfit I chose: a long sleeved oversized sweater, medium wash denim, a chunky scarf, and my favorite pair of boots!

For Work:
Cozy In Chambray By Qtpiekelso On Polyvore  I Need To Get Off Of This Island So I Can Have An Excuse To Buy And Wear Fall Clothes!!:
Now this was a bit tricky, Im not gonna lie. Its always hard for me to find work appropriate outfits, seeing as I work from home. But, I think I did a pretty good job on this one. Lets talk about that cardigan first. It is so cozy looking. And I absolutely love the scarf. Your coworkers will definitely be jealous of it. The shirt is also really nice. It is a button up shirt which is great and definitely work appropriate. The leggings really complete this outfit in my opinion. Also side note here, I really want those leg warmers. I know leg warmers are kind of 80s but these are just so cute. Finally, those boots are the kind of boots one could wear anywhere.

For Preppy Girls:
This is the perfect outfit ever!! find more women fashion ideas on http://www.misspool.com find more women fashion ideas on www.misspool.com:
When I was in high school, preppy girls always got the hate! But now, preppy is in! This outfit is a great summer to fall transition outfit. This is something warm that doesnt make you look like youre drowning in fabric. If you arent sure what youre personal style is, just give this outfit a try.(and dont worry lovers of other styles, I will feature other styles in my blog posts as I see fit) This is the most perfect outfit for Fall 2K15. Update: My high school aged fans informed me that this is dress code at some schools. So in response to that Excellent! I love this style for teen girls! In summary, this outfit is so cute, swanky, and cool.

For Moms:
Long plaid boyfriend shirt, leggings, knee socks and boots. Nice Fall weekend outfit.:
Who ever said moms dont have style? Not this blogger! This outfit contains: long plaid boyfriend shirt, leggings, knee socks, and boots. The perfect weekend outfit! Also side note for the moms who love style, just not this one, try getting a fitted shirt for a more tailored look. Plaid really helps me fall in love with fall all over again, every single year. I love leggings. I think every mom needs a pair of them. The socks are super cute. And the boots are simple. All in all a very cozy outfit.

So guys, how did I do? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at nscottcontracting@outlook.com  I love hearing from you guys!

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