Raise Armpit Stain Remover Review

DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Hey all! I was lucky enough to get a product that was not clothes related to be review on this blog! Here is a short description of the product that is listed under the products Amazon page, "Raise is a pre-wash stain removal solution that has been developed for garments exposed to underarm perspiration and sweat stains. This unique formula bonds to the stain turning it into a salt that can then be washed away in your laundry. Clothes are left clean and look like new again."

Lets take a look at my review:

Does it work: For those basic underarm yellow/brown stains, yes it does. 

Does it remove odors: It did not remove odors for me, but then again this is stain remover, not soap.

What are the listed active ingredients: This is a concern of mine. I do not know. It is not listed on the bottle which worries me. 

Can I use this on clothes that are not white: I would not. I do not use most stain removers on clothes that are not white because of the unpredictable interaction it can have with the dye.

Summary: I give this product a 4/5 mainly because it only works for white shirts. But this product did really change my life when it comes to white shirts. I let my clothes soak and I could wear the shirts again. I feel a lot better about wearing my old white fall sweaters that I haven't worn in years! 


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