Now now, I know my blog is mostly fashion based, but this is important. Plastics can leak nasty stuff into our foods/drinks that can mess with our hormones(this is a basic summary), so it is important to find alternatives. Thats what today, I want to talk about Glass Dharma

"Glass Straws are an excellent choice to promote reusable vs. “disposable”.  In a perfect world, single use plastics will cease to exist.  A straw is one small step that creates a spiraling thought process toward other re-usables.  Together, we are making a difference that greatly impacts our environment!  We guarantee that GlassDharma products will stand up to surpass your expectations in quality and durability." -Glass Dharma site.

DISCLOSURE: This pictures are not my own, they belong to the Glass Dharma company. I was given free product in exchange for this review.  

Appearance: These straws are so cute! I love how they look, especially when you take them outside. If you have a hippie-esk aesthetic like me, then you will love this straws even more! They have tons of different designs that you can check out. personally my favorite is the one pictured above. I invited my sister to try them with me and she loved the ones that have some color to them. They have all sorts of colors too! I got one that has blue and was super excited because blue is my absolute favorite color. I could go on and on about how much I love the look of these straws, but I think you all get the point.

Do they make my drinks taste weird?: No way. I know the idea of using a glass straw is unique, but the straws are just like regular straws in the way that they do not alter the taste of your food.

Are they safe?: I say they are safer than regular straws. Children can even use these straws! These straws are made of very durable glass and they do not leak hormone altering chemicals into your food.

Are they dishwasher safe?: The company states that they are safe for your dishwasher.And I checked using my own dishwasher, and yes, they are safe for your dishwasher. For those of you who handwash your dishes, cleaning straws are available. I tried those as well and they work great!

What kinds of drinks can I use them for?: you can use them for both cold and hot drinks!

Summary: I know a lot of you were disappointed because this review was so short, but this product speaks for itself. I am giving it a 5/5. I love the creativity of this product! I 100% recommend this to everybody! Congrats to Lauren who won the Glass Dharma contest. Have you tried Glass Dharma? If so, leave your review in the comments.

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