Brrr. Its super cold outside today, or at least it is where I live. I thought today would be the perfect day to write about my Heat Holders Socks!

Looks: I got an amazing color! I received magenta, one of my favorite colors(also perfect for fall). 

Will they fit in my shoe?: Most likely not. These socks fit in my slippers, which was great. However, they did not fit in my regular shoes. They do not fit because the socks are thick. They are designed this way so that you stay warm.

What ages do you recommended these socks for?: If you are old enough to wear regular socks, you are old enough to wear these! Just make sure you get socks that fit your kids. 

Do they work?: Yes! I wore these to bed one night, and my feet actually stayed warm. I have struggled with having cold feet for a very long time and Heat Holders was the answer. 

Feel: These socks are super soft and fuzzy! I love them.

Summary: I give these socks a 4.5/5 based on the above criteria. I recommended this socks to literally anyone who is cold. Unlike other companies, who only claim their special socks will keep you warm, Heat Holders actually works. Have you tried Heat Holders? Leave your review in the comments!

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