Review: Mission Belt

Mens Leather Belt - VADER 40 Ratchet Belt

Note: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

I actually really enjoyed this product. I received the vader 40mm belt. I had my husband review the actual wearing of it, everything else is my own review.

Looks-This belt has a sleek, clean look. It is absolutely perfect to wear to anything formal.

Making-This product is made with real leather!!

Testimonial-"This is probably the most comfortable belt I own. It is classy, and I get compliments almost everyday. This belt not only looks good but feels good. Cutting the leather to the right size is easy. Some of my friends have already bought this belt upon my recommendation. I give this belt a 5/5. Go get yourself a Mission Belt! I recommend both the vader 35mm and the vader 40mm"

Well you heard it right here everybody-Go get yourself a mission belt and leaver your review in the comments. Go right to to check out all different kinds of belts they offer! They even have an online help chat to help you pick out the right belt for you.


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