Disclaimer: I recieved products for free in exchange for an honest review.

Hello everyone! Today, I am reviewing a brand called NuNaturals. I fell in love with this brand. They offer a great healthy alternative to some other brands that use tons of sugar. So lets get to the review.

Packaging: All the products had simply, appealing labels. I love the purple and yellow label found on a lot of their products. 

Smell: Everything smelt great! The best smelling product is obviously the vanilla. I used it in cookies and you cannot even tell that it is a sugar-free product. 

Taste: Everything is amazing. The Alcohol-Free Liquids are perfect for giving a little extra flavor to your water. I let my nephew try a little of the coco syrup in his milk (much like Hershey's syrup). And he could not tell the difference between the two! I love using their Nu Stevia sugar in my tea-and my tea still tastes fabulous.

Summary: 5/5 for this product! I absolutely love everything. This is a super great and healthy alternative to additives that are found in other products.

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