Review: Sugar Sugar {Body Balm}

Disclaimer: I received this product for exchange for an honest review. My opinions are entirely my own, do not represent anyone else, and may differ from yours.  

When I found Sugar Sugar (previously known as Bohemian Flair), I was so excited! I am always looking for all natural health and beauty products. I received the Cranberry Scent from their Autumn Collection. You can definitely smell the Cranberry in this product. The Balm is made of soy, coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamin E. The fragrance is also entirely natural. It takes the balm a bit of time to absorb into the skin. I started looking for products like this when my eczema got out of control a few springs ago. Again, they no longer got by Bohemian Flair, they go by Sugar Sugar. If after reading this review you decide you want to order one or want more info check out their Facebook or email the company here. The company takes custom and wholesale orders. I hope you all enjoy the review:

Looks-I honestly loved the look of this product. Call me a hipster if you so chose, but I have a huge things for glass jars.containers/products. With glass, you dont have to worry about plastics getting into foods or drinks or anything really. This product has a super cute label in an adorable bottle. 

Scent-AMAZING! There is no other way to describe the scent of this product. It is absolutely amazing!

Does it work?: It works for me! I get super dry skin in the colder months, and this product really helped with my chapped hands and my dry knees and elbows. 

Is it really all natural?: Yes it is! For all my fellow hippies who refuse to use nasty chemicals and for everyone who is allergic to those chemicals(I fall into both categories), this product is great for you!

Any skin reactions?: Nope! 

Summary: 5/5! This product is so amazing. Definitely check out the contact into that I listed above. All of their products are customization. You can pick the scent and the size. For wholesale orders, you can even get a customized label for an additional charge. For everyone who cant decide what to get or doesnt know what they offer. I have compiled a list of the top four products the company offers, in no particular order:

*Shave Oil
*Lip Balm
*Body Balm
*Sugar Scrub

They offer tons of other products. This is just want I recommend.

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