Winter Shopping Ideas!

I know fall just started, but I like to start shopping for the season before it actually starts. I did all my fall shopping in June-August. So why not do all of my winter shopping in September-November. I have already started shopping for this upcoming winter, but for those of you who have not. I hope these 5 outfits inspire you to start!

#1-Greatest Winter Fashion from 2014
2014/2015 YOUNG WOMEN'S FASHION TRENDS | ... Polyvore Winter Fashion Trends  Ideas For Women 2014/ 2015 | Girlshue:
Last Winter season, we had some amazing trends. So to start off this blog post, I knew I just had to talk about my favorite things from last year. Last year was classified by its cool looking scarves, good looking high-low sweaters, nice fitting jeans, silver and gold jewelry combos, knee high boots, and great looking animal print bags. The three things I hope to see come back in this upcoming winter season are the scarves, sweaters, and jeans.

#2-Snow Day
"snow day" by meganpearl on Polyvore....perfect for getting into spring colors when winter is still here:
I know a lot of my high school and college fans would love to have cancelled class this upcoming fall season. This is the perfect outfit to wear on those days with no school! This is perfect for wearing some spring colors while staying warm. Winter can be filled with lots of grey: grey clouds, grey clothes, grey hair, but do not let that get you down this season. I like this outfit so much, it inspired me to go get some mint colored sweaters.

I'm thinking The fashion this year is Native American inspired, I've never seen so much! This isn't bad tho!:
Transitioning from fall to winter is never easy. This cute outfit can help. I love the Aztec inspired cardigan. It is super cute and super in this fall. Hopefully it is still in style this Winter! Before this fall, I dont think I have ever seen people wearing so much Aztec and Southwestern themed clothing (at least in the Midwest anyway). But I am certainly not complaining. I love this fashion trend!

#4-Melt the Chill 16 Must See Fall Polyvore Combinations:
This outfit has to inspire you to go shop for your cozy, winter wardrobe.

#5-Casual and Cozy
Casual and Cozy Fall Outfits Polyvore Combination 2014 - Be Modish - Be Modish:
I love this modest outfit. The jeans are super cute; the jewelry is awesome; I love the grey sweater; the purse is stunning, and the shoes are nice.

What did you all think? Did this inspire any of you to start shopping? Let me know in the comments or by emailing


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