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Fall Fashion: Low-Priced Outfits

Hello Everyone! Today was a brisk, windy day. All my outfits are inspired by the weather today! All of these outfits can easily be created for less than $50 and some old articles of clothing or pieces of jewelry you just have lying around.

#1-Ready for Fall

This jacket is so cute!

#2-Classic Autumn

I already have this entire outfit in my closet. It is such a great look!


I love the sweater and how it buttons diagonally. Little unique details like that are what makes this sweater super cute!

#4-Fashionable Fall

This is definitely a trendy look for this fall.

#5-Warm and Cozy

I absolutely love this sweater! It is definitely on my Christmas list!

Review: Skinny Tie Madness


Hey Everyone! Today I am here to review what I think of Skinny Tie Madness, a hip tie company that sells awesome skinny ties. Let's get to that review!
LOOK: Now the tie I received is not red, it is actually striped blue. I really enjoyed the look of the tie.
FIANCEE'S REVIEW: I, personally, do not wear ties, but my fiancee does. So I asked him how he would rate the tie based on all factors and he said a 4/5! What an awesome rating!

MY REVIEW: Most of their items have a matte finish. Their ties are 58inches long and 2 inches wide. They also have adjustable neck straps. 
Definitely give these ties a try and leave your review in the comments below! 

Fall Fashion: Simple yet Gorgeous

Hey Everyone! Today was a super gloomy/rainy day. I really did not want to even leave bed today. Hopefully this post brightens your day a little bit! Enjoy!


The fashion this Fall is definitely Native American themed. Ive never seen so many people get into the Southwestern look! It sure isnt a bad thing thought. I love this look!

#2-Boyfriend Jeans

This is definitely a simple staple for your wardrobe. I love this look, but once you hit a certain age, ripped jeans just arent appropriate anymore(Im not saying what age-thats for you to decide!). For those fans of mine who have reached that wise age, I recommend replacing these jeans with some cute faded ones.

#3-Brown Crocheted Cardigan

I love this outfit!

#4-Baseball Tee

Baseball Tees are so cute and casual. I love everything about this outfit right down to the Chucks. The scarf is so cute too! I love the shirt and nice skinny jeans together. They just look amazing!

#5-Ethnic Print Cardigan

I want this entire outfit! This outf…

Review: Enjoying Tea

Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Up Above, you can see an amazing picture of what I got to try from Enjoying Tea. Unfortunately you do not get to see pictures of the teas I go.  Lets get to the review:

LOOK: I love the look of Enjoying Tea's products. The bamboo tray and cups are so cute. But the tea kettle is what is truly beautiful. It is so amazingly amazing. The packaging of the tea is also very hip and cute! The cup I got for diffusing tea is plain white with the company logo. I really enjoy the minimalist look of it. 

SMELL: The Tea smells awesome, simply put. The scent is enticing.

TASTE: This tea is high quality! I have never tasted better tea than what Enjoying Tea provides.

PROCESS: Making the tea is super easy when you use one of Enjoying Tea's cups. Simply add leaves, water, and wait for the tea to diffuse. Takes about 5 minutes!

WEBSITE: Enjoying Tea's Website is super easy to maneuver so you will definitely be able to find …


Hey Everyone! Today has been a super exciting day! And I want to finish it off with a fashion post! I hope you all enjoy! This post features white shirts, long-sleeved shirts, safari shirts, and boot-cut jeans!

#1-A Walk in the Fall Woods

I have the boots pictured, and I absolutely love them!

#2-Fall Swallow Dress

For a more professional look, you can swap the jean jacket with a cardigan. I really want this dress. It is so cute. The jean jacket looks so good with it. The jewelry is a nice touch too. The dress, like I said, is awesome. I love boots, and these boots are great. The bag is also very nice. All-in-all a very nice outfit.


This is a classic example of a cute and preppy outfit!I love it! I also love the jacket with the striped shirt.

#4-Casual Work Outfit

This is a simple yet gorgeous style that is perfect for work! This modest outfit is perfect for casual Friday! This outfit also happens to have a few of my favorite colors!

#5-On Wednesdays, We Wear Red

I love this ou…

REVIEW: Annmarie Skincare

DISCLAIMER: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review

Ease your mind with Annmarie Skincare. They are happy to help you find a product that works for you. I encourage all of you to contact Annmarie Skincare at if you decide you want to try these product just like I did! A lot of you guys know that ingrediants matter to me. If you want to know what is in your product by Annmarie Skincare, go to On to the Review!
LOOK: I loved the look of these products! They were so cute and stylish!
SCENT: I received the sample kit. That kit is perfect for people who have no idea what to get(I will post a link in the summary). It requires you to mix powder with oil to create a foundation like product. I loved the smell of the herbal oil that was provided! It was a definite plus.
USE: The act of mixing the oil and powder together can be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, its super easy! 
COUPONS: Your journey…

Fall Fashion:Casual and Cozy

One thing I really love about fall is being able to look causal and in style while still staying nice and warm! Check out these 5 outfits to get some fashion inspiration!

#1-Melt the Chill

I really love the jewelry in this outfit! It gives it a ton of style!


I love this modest outfit that features the color mustard! I love mustard as it is a perfect fall color!


Its time to feature a beautiful and warm outfit! (yay!) You may have already bought some outfits, but before fall is over you need to go buy an outfit like this! This is definitely cute and in style this fall.


Finally getting away from the casual and getting into the cozy, I present to you my dream fall outfit. Ive always loved fall clothes, but this lovely outfit really shows how cute fall clothes are. I really think the cardigan gives it a cool vibe. The scarf is super chic, and I love the shirt. This is a perfect outfit to wear to school or even work! This is a stellar outfit.

#5-Fall 2015



Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Hello Everyone! Today I am here to give my review of Sockwell Compression Socks. For those of you who do not know what compression socks do, I will be glad to explain. Compression Socks promote healthy circulation and soothe tired and achy feet. Compression Socks can also be helpful in preventing blot clots, varicose veins, and deep vain thrombosis. Compression Socks are perfect to wear while you travel to help keep blood moving. Lets get to the review:

LOOK: I was lucky enough to receive three(3) pairs of socks, each had a very unique designs. I have included pictures below for you to see the kind of awesome designs that Sockwell provides! My favorite design was definitely the W's circulator in black. Please click on the links herehere, and here to view pictures of the socks I received!

WHAT ABOUT DIABETICS: The Graduated Compression sock is perfect for people who arent diabetic. But if you are diabetic, do…



Fall Fashion:Casual and Comfy

I am back in business! After a short vacation, I am back to posting! I loved seeing a lot of you guys at my little meet up! I hope you all enjoy this fashion post!


The skinny jeans are great! I fell in love with dark skinny jeans last month! The flowy shirt is very nice and something I definitely love. The tall boots are absolutely gorgeous and absolutely in fashion for this fall. I love all of this outfit.

#2-Fashion Worship

I love women's apparel for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that there are so many unique styles that are all simultaneously "in" so to speak. I love everything about this outfit. However, like all outfits, some of you guys dont have all of these products. You can create a similar look by replacing the frayed jeans with jeans with no rips or tears. I think the jewelry is really nice in this outfit. The shirt is super cute and perfect for layering. .The bag is excellent and in style. I love these boots and this entire outfit.



Hello Everyone! I am finally back from my blogger convention and my week long vacation.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

I love received this hoodie from Snorg Tees. It is a black, unisex, and size medium. Here is the review:

Look: I love the look that all snorg tees and hoodies have. They are unique, creative, and funny. I highly recommend.

Packaging: From what I know, you can only order snorg tees online. Which is why packaging is super important. However, Snorg Tees does and amazing job of including a packaging slip and the product is nicely wrapped.

Quality: Snorg Tees clothing is made of high quality material. I did wash my hoodie and let it air dry. I would recommend this for most articles of clothing.

Price: Snorg Tees offers a great price for their items. Shirts are only 20 dollars!

Gift Ideas: Snorg Tees offer a variety of products which is why they will definitely be making my holiday gift guide!

Summary: 5/5! I love snorg tees!…