Fall Fashion: Simple yet Gorgeous

Hey Everyone! Today was a super gloomy/rainy day. I really did not want to even leave bed today. Hopefully this post brightens your day a little bit! Enjoy!

I'm thinking The fashion this year is Native American inspired, I've never seen so much! This isn't bad tho!:
The fashion this Fall is definitely Native American themed. Ive never seen so many people get into the Southwestern look! It sure isnt a bad thing thought. I love this look!

#2-Boyfriend Jeans
simple-wardrobe I love this, but once you hit a certain age, sloppy/torn jeans just don't work, but you can still wear a faded jean. idées de looks avec un foulard pashmina en hiver pour femme:
This is definitely a simple staple for your wardrobe. I love this look, but once you hit a certain age, ripped jeans just arent appropriate anymore(Im not saying what age-thats for you to decide!). For those fans of mine who have reached that wise age, I recommend replacing these jeans with some cute faded ones.

#3-Brown Crocheted Cardigan
Brown Crocheted Cardigan....Love!!, created by smores1165 on Polyvore:
I love this outfit!

#4-Baseball Tee
Baseball tees are cute and casual. I love everything about this outfit right down to the chucks.:
Baseball Tees are so cute and casual. I love everything about this outfit right down to the Chucks. The scarf is so cute too! I love the shirt and nice skinny jeans together. They just look amazing!

#5-Ethnic Print Cardigan

"Ethnic Print Cardigan" by steffiestaffie on Polyvore.... I want this ENTIRE outfit!:
I want this entire outfit! This outfit reminds me of outfit #1 with the Native American/Southwestern look to it. I love the look. The cardigan is superb. This can also be used as a cute winter outfit which is a definitely plus. This tribal cardigan is perfect for every occasion.


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