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Happy New Year's Eve Everyone! Theres no better way to ring in the New Year than with an adorable outfit. Check out my Top 5 New Year's Eve Outfits. Ill be combining aspects from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2015 into my last blog post of 2015! Cant wait to see what 2016 brings for me and for all of my lovely readers. Lets get to the outfits!

#1-Casual ft Boots

This outfit is based off of what Ill be wearing to my New Year's party tonight! This outfit is a lovely way to start the year. I love how relaxed and cozy the outfit looks.

#2-Brown Knitwear

This outfit definitely gives off a classy vibe. Its perfect to wear to a party that isnt casual but isnt fancy. I have really fallen in love with the brown purse trend. I hope it lasts through 2016!


There are a lot of things I love about this outfit. First, I love the vest+sweater look. I think it is just so adorable. I also love the brown crossbody purse. It is cute and hands-free. Lastly, I love the boot …


DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.
Do you have isotretinoin or cheilitis? Or maybe you just get chapped lips? Either way ChopSaver lip care can help you! This is one of the best lip products I have come across. ChopSaver uses all natural ingredients. ChopSaver was originally developed to help musicians deal with the range of lip conditions that brass and woodwind played endure. ChopSaver is also made with SPF 15. Another great aspect of ChopSaver is that it contains no petroleum, gluten, or lanolin, so people with allergies can enjoy the effects of ChopSaver! Lets get to the basics!
LOOK: The picture included at the beginning of this post is the picture of the product I received. I really like the orange label because I have never seen an orange label on lip balm before. It really caught my eye when I first saw it. Another thing I really love about the look of this lip balm is how "Goslings" is written in cursive. It is definitely a throwb…


Hey Everyone! I am so excited that the weather is getting colder! I was inspired to share some outfits that can make you feel warm by just looking at them.

#1-Patterned Sweater

You literally can not go wrong with a warm winter sweater. The details in the sweater are absolutely beautiful. The infinity scarf adds a great finish to the outfit. Click here to purchase the sweater and here to purchase the jeans seen in the outfit. Overall, this is a lovely winter outfit. I especially love the boots!


I love this outfit! It gives off a rebellious and intuitive vibe. This outfit is also a perfect one to wear to high school or college!

#3-Chic Winter

Breaks from school and works cant be complete without wearing perfectly cute outfits. It gives off a sweet and caring vibe that I adore. This outfit can double as a casual outfit to wear to a New Year's Party. Start your new year right with cute outfits like this by checking out some of my other blog posts!

#4-Casual-Chic Knitwear

This …


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
Everyone knows what the dry, cold winter air can do to your hands. They can get dry and cracked. Zim's Max Crack Creme can fix this problem. Zim's was founded over 60 years ago to help cement workers treat their dry and cracked skin. Zim's uses an herbal formula that softens and moisturizes dry and cracked skin on hands, feet, and elbows. Some of the natural ingrediants used are arnica and aloe vera. Just rub a small amount on your skin a few times a day. You can get Zim's products for less than 10 dollars here. Lets get to the basics of this product:
LOOK: I love the eye-catching design that this product has. The bold words make it easy to read. I love the flowers that is seen right under the words and at the very bottom of the bottle. The combination of nature and science shown really caught my eye as a unique design that I had never seen before. On the back of the bottle(not shown in thi…


Hey Everyone! I hope you all had an amazing holiday break! I was super excited to get a chance to spend time with family and friends and read all my fan mail from you guys! While I was at a Christmas party, I was inspired to create some elegant combinations that are perfect for a New Year's Party! Enjoy!


This chic and classy outfit is perfect for both parties and for a day at the office. I honestly love this outfit. The shoes and accessories also give off an lovely, subtle, elegant vibe. The burgundy shirt really brings the outfit together.

#2-Cashmere Tunic

This is another perfect look to wear to a fancy New Year's party!


I named this outfit classy because thats what it is; classy. I love the black and white color palette; it is absolutely perfect for winter!

#4-Dress Up

Another beautiful classy outfit with a burgundy shade.


I love this outfit. It is, by far, my favorite outfit on the page.


DISCLAIMER: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! Today I am here to talk about Lisa Hoffman. I received three bottles of perfume that I have enjoyed and would love to talk! Lets get to the review!
LOOK: These bottles have such a classy and elegant look to them. They are made with glass and have silver caps. One bottle had an imprint of a silver flower on it. It was astonishingly beautiful! 
SMELL: The perfumes had a light scent to them. Perfect to wear to a New Year's Party!
PACKAGING: Each perfume comes in its own box with information about the perfume as well as warnings and other info. I love how each box I received had its own color to match the scent. 
TRAVEL: The perfumes are slim. They would definitely be able to fit in a purse. No need to worry about the perfume leaking because each bottle has its own cap.
SKIN: This perfume did not irritate my skin!


Hey All! Today I was lucky enough to have the experience of going to an outdoor German market. I saw a lot of unique products(and even bought a few new Christmas decorations!). While I was there, I was inspired to create outfits that were designed to keep you warm! After spending a few hours outside, I knew exactly what to put in my outfits to keep them stylin and cozy. Enjoy!


This is definitely the perfect outfit for winter. I see tons of people wearing outfits like this when it is cold outside. Why not give it a try?

#2-Comfortable Christmas

The big holiday is almost here! Only 2 days away! I can already feel the Christmas magic. The cute combination is great to wear to a Christmas party!


Im loving the cranberry and plum colors that this outfit offers. The great thing about this outfit is that it can be worn in Fall and in Winter!

#4-Cute and Beautiful

I love this simple everyday winter outfit. This cute outfit looks great on everybody! This outfit is great for e…


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
Hello Everyone! Today I am here to talk to you about one of my favorite things ever: Clothing! But whats even better than clothing? Clothing that you can customize yourself! With apliiq you can do that. Lets get to the review:
LOOK: The clothing itself looked great when I received it. I designed my own custom made t-shirt with a pocket that looked absolutely amazing. 
CUSTOMIZATION: The actual customization process is very easy. The step-by-step instructions are easy to understand. The website is crafted to where it is easy to understand. 
OPTIONS: The site has a lot of options for you to chose from, so you will definitely be able to find your own unique style. 
SIZES: Another great aspect about the company is they offer both men and women's cuts as well as a plethora of sizes. It is super easy to find the size that will best fit you.
IRRITATION: The shirt is super soft, so no need to worry about it bo…


Hey All! I am so excited today to blog about some great winter outfits! Let me know if these outfits inspire you down in the comments or email me here.


I love this winter outfit. I especially enjoy the jewelry.


This is an adorable outfit for every occasion.


I love this simple outfit.


This adorable outfit will look great on every woman this winter.

#5-Cool Winter

This super fashionable outfit is great for my fans who are having a warm winter this year.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Hello Everyone! Today I am here to talk to all of you about this beautiful necklace I received from Allurez( click here for their website). Allurez sells diamonds and fine jewelry. One thing I instantly liked about my package from Allurez is that it contained a coupon for my next purchase! I always love when companies include coupons. Allurez offers a large selection of jewelry, rings, and wedding bands at unbelievable prices. Lets get to the review!
LOOK: I love the look of the Sea Turtle Pendant I received. It is beautifully carved. The sterling silver is stunning. This necklace looks beautiful.  
CARE: Because this necklace is made with authentic sterling silver, it is important to care for it properly. You can care for jewelry by cleaning, storing, and wearing it properly. 
CLEANING: Soaps, lotions, and oils can and will build up on your jewelry, that can leave it looking a bit dull. Be sure to keep al…


Hey All! As many of you know, I just got back from another awesome blogging trip! While I was up there, I got some great ideas for cute new winter outfits.


The jeans are very nice and perfect for winter. The scarf and top look great together. The boots awesomely bring the whole outfit together, and the nail polish is ace. All in all, an amazing outfit thats perfect to wear while playing in the snow!


I love this winter outfit! It is perfect to wear at a holiday party!

#3-Grey Chic

Another adorable winter outfit! This one is perfect to wear while traveling this Christmas season.


The cute winter outfits dont stop here! This look is perfect for cooking Christmas dinner!

#5-Winter Blouse

This is the final winter outfit for today! Tell me what you think down in the comments below or email my fan email account!


Are you still looking for that perfect holiday gift? Or do you wanna get a head start on some Valentine's day shopping? Then I recommend Lolly Clothing. I know women everywhere will enjoy the clothing that Lolly provides( click here for their website). Lets get to the review. 
LOOKS: The clothing is beautifully crafted and you can tell. Their clothes are better than the kind you might find at a regular department store. They are cute, chic, and in-style. 
WEBSITE: Their website is easy to maneuver. You can find exactly what youre looking for within seconds of being on their site. Check out the beginning of my review for a link.
FASHIONABLE: I know I already stated how in-style the clothes are, but I thought I needed to go into detail a bit more. Each season, Lolly comes out with new clothing to perfectly match the style. I definitely recommend checking out their new winter line for some super cute clothes t…


Hey all! Its finally getting cold out there! Bundle yourself up with these super cute outfits!

#1-Eye of the Storm

This is the perfect winter outfit for adventures and wanderlust! This has a total boho/indie style(aka mine). I would definitely compliment this outfit with a little makeup and a lot of confidence.

#2-Let's Trade

This is definitively a bohemian chic winter outfit.

#3-Bohemian Beauty

I love this outfit! It is my favorite on the page by far. I especially love all the jewelry.

#4-A Hint of Vintage

I thought this outfit was really cute. I love the brown leggings, and I need to get a pair of my own. I also love the top, knit sweater, and boots.


This is the perfect outfit for hanging out with family or friends!



LOOKS: I love the look of this candle holder! It is super cute and looks great in bathrooms as a decoration and a candle. I love how this fits exactly with my boho aesthetic.
SMELL: The candle itself has a nice subtle smell.
NATURAL: I read up about the candle holder I received. The candle holder was made from real wood(with an included insert to make sure the candle holder doesnt catch fire). They were made of wood to keep from wasting perfectly good trees that had fallen down or were going to start rotting. I love how they used trees for an awesome purpose.
SIZE: The picture makes the candle holder look bigger than it actually is. The candle holder is about medium size. Its actually the perfect size in my opinion.
COMPLIMENTS: I know this shouldnt be a category, but every guest I have had over has fallen in love with this product.
SUMMARY: 5/5. This product is perfect for a last minute Christmas gift. For people who are i…


Hello Everyone! I am so not crazy about this warm winter weather! I didnt even wear a jacket today, and its December. Lets get to some cute outfits that are perfect for winter, no matter how cold(or warm!) it may be. This outfits are casual and comfy.


Yes, the shorts are necessary. It was 67 degrees today! This outfit is based off a good friend of mine named Annie. She shares my sense of style and is awesome. Shout out to her!

#2-Golden Hue

Who says that working women cant have good style?

#3-Concert Day

It does not even feel like winter. This weather is unbelievable. Thats why I had to include a cute fall-y outfit with a winter feel. I love the shirt, even if it is definitely not winter appropriate(for most winters anyways). But for those of you who are actually having a cold December, I would definitely pair this outfit with a cute boho crochet cardigan. I love this whole outfit!

#4-Bohemian Chic

Finally, a winter outfit designed for cold weather! I love this bohemian chic …


Hello Everyone! I am so excited today to talk about a pillow I got from Joelle's Emporium. 
LOOK: This pillow is gorgeous(see below photo). The photo was actually taken and then put on the pillowcase! Thats the coolest thing to me. I am using this pillow as a part of my holiday decor.
IS IT COMFY?: This is a super comfy pillow. It is fluffy and amazing! 
ZIPPER: The pillowcase does have a zipper on it for you to fill with more stuffing of your own if needed.
DELIVERY: This product arrived packaged nicely. I know how important this is to a lot of you guy.
FEEL: This pillow is very soft. It is amazing to lie down on for a short nap or a good night's rest.
SUMMARY: 4.5/5


Im missing fall fashion! Probably more than I should be missing fall fashion. So today, I am compiling outfits that contain aspects that were popular this Fall. Enjoy!

#1-Saturday Casual

This outfit speaks for itself!

#2-Here With You

Like I said in my last post, the weather at my house is super warm and does not feel like winter at all! That is why I decided to include an outfit perfect for those dealing with 70 degree weather(aka me). This casual outfit is perfect for women of all ages!

#3-Wise One

This casual outfit is again perfect for those dealing with warm weather. This seems like an amazing outfit to wear to the movies! This outfit would also be so cute as children's clothes. These pants look so comfy. The whole overall outfit look is great and cohesive. I especially love the white tank top!


I love these boots. This outfit has a lot of amazing qualities to it. It is hippie, boho, hipster, casual, and soft grunge all at the same time. Plus the bag is really cute.