DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Hello Everyone! Today I am here to talk to all of you about this beautiful necklace I received from Allurez( click here for their website). Allurez sells diamonds and fine jewelry. One thing I instantly liked about my package from Allurez is that it contained a coupon for my next purchase! I always love when companies include coupons. Allurez offers a large selection of jewelry, rings, and wedding bands at unbelievable prices. Lets get to the review!

LOOK: I love the look of the Sea Turtle Pendant I received. It is beautifully carved. The sterling silver is stunning. This necklace looks beautiful.  

CARE: Because this necklace is made with authentic sterling silver, it is important to care for it properly. You can care for jewelry by cleaning, storing, and wearing it properly. 

CLEANING: Soaps, lotions, and oils can and will build up on your jewelry, that can leave it looking a bit dull. Be sure to keep all of your jewelry away from hairspray, makeup, and drains.

AUTHENTICITY: Allurez uses authentic gemstones and metals. 

SKIN: This jewelry did not cause any skin irritation for me!

SUMMARY: 5/5! I loved the opportunity to get to review such an amazing piece of jewelry. Allurez is great source for diamonds and fine jewelry. And with Christmas and eventually, Valentine's Day quickly approaching, its never too early to pick out a unique piece for that special someone. The authenticity of the jewelry is guaranteed with the certificate of authenticity that comes with every piece you purchase. 


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