Hello Everyone! I am so not crazy about this warm winter weather! I didnt even wear a jacket today, and its December. Lets get to some cute outfits that are perfect for winter, no matter how cold(or warm!) it may be. This outfits are casual and comfy.

"Annie" by socialintrovert on Polyvore:
Yes, the shorts are necessary. It was 67 degrees today! This outfit is based off a good friend of mine named Annie. She shares my sense of style and is awesome. Shout out to her!

#2-Golden Hue
"Golden Hue" by shuchiu on Polyvore:
Who says that working women cant have good style?

#3-Concert Day
"concert day" by claripadula ❤ liked on Polyvore:
It does not even feel like winter. This weather is unbelievable. Thats why I had to include a cute fall-y outfit with a winter feel. I love the shirt, even if it is definitely not winter appropriate(for most winters anyways). But for those of you who are actually having a cold December, I would definitely pair this outfit with a cute boho crochet cardigan. I love this whole outfit!

#4-Bohemian Chic
Bohemian Chic Winter Outfits and Boho Style Ideas (14):
Finally, a winter outfit designed for cold weather! I love this bohemian chic winter style. As many of you know, I love the boho style.

#5-Wrap It Up
Wrap it up! by vv0lf on Polyvore featuring moda, H&M, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Steve Madden, J.Crew, Dooney & Bourke, The Body Shop, Laura Mercier, Coach and Le Labo:
I think this outfit speaks for itself!


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