Hey All! Today I was lucky enough to have the experience of going to an outdoor German market. I saw a lot of unique products(and even bought a few new Christmas decorations!). While I was there, I was inspired to create outfits that were designed to keep you warm! After spending a few hours outside, I knew exactly what to put in my outfits to keep them stylin and cozy. Enjoy!

18 Must See Winter Polyvore Combinations:
This is definitely the perfect outfit for winter. I see tons of people wearing outfits like this when it is cold outside. Why not give it a try?

#2-Comfortable Christmas
18 Comfortable Christmas Polyvore Combinations:
The big holiday is almost here! Only 2 days away! I can already feel the Christmas magic. The cute combination is great to wear to a Christmas party!

loving the cranberry/plum colors for fall. "Fall outfit" by reyacp on Polyvore:
Im loving the cranberry and plum colors that this outfit offers. The great thing about this outfit is that it can be worn in Fall and in Winter!

#4-Cute and Beautiful
30 Cute and Beautiful Everyday Outfit Polyvore Combinations - Be Modish - Be Modish Not the shoes....:
I love this simple everyday winter outfit. This cute outfit looks great on everybody! This outfit is great for every occasion. It has a modest vibe to it. Another awesome aspect of this outfit is that it would look great with any pair of shoes.

#5-Chilly Morning
This outfit just screams winter.


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