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I am so ready for the weekend. How about you guys? This collection of outfits is inspired by my typical weekend wear. I hope you all enjoy!

#1-Comfy Winter Day

I love everything in this. Especially the jacket and sweatshirt.

#2-Winter Combo

I really love the uniqueness of this outfit.


I love how this outfit incorporates some winter colors like grey, white, black, denim, and leather. I love how the bag is big enough to hold everything!


This is a cute winter outfit! I love the bag in this outfit. and the clothes are cute too.


Classy Clothes!


Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

LOOK: I love the bronze color of this necklace. It goes great with a lot of fun summer outfits. I also really like the turquoise piece in the center of the necklace. It really gives the product some color and adds a lot of personality.
BULLET: The main feature of this piece is obviously the bullet at the bottom. The bullet is shiny and is a great conversation starter! This piece is perfect to wear to casual and business casual events.
COMPLIMENTS: Ive gotten tons of compliments on this unique piece!
QUALITY: This piece is high quality. It doesnt break, and youll never find a necklace like it in any other store.
SKIN: This product does not irritate sensitive skin.
SUMMARY: I give the Triple Arrow Copper Bullet Necklace a 5/5!


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
As many of you know, I am all about subscription boxes this year! And Send Me Gluten Free is great for those of you who cant eat gluten or for those who chose not to(like me). I really love all of the aspects and products of the box.
SMART GLUTEN FREE OATMEAL BARS: I received a coconut almond bar. I really liked how the product was made with whole oats that are certified gluten free and wholesome whey for protein. These bars are also a great source of fiber and I loved the taste.
TRUEENENERGY: This product targets adrenal function, thyroid function, and liver function to give you physical and mental energy.
ENJOYLIFE: I tried the Cocoa Loco chewy bar and loved it!
OVERALL: I really love the gluten free products that Send me Gluten Free provides they are delicious and sent out once a month! I encourage all of you to give them a try for yummy gluten free foods!


Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be talking to all of you about some cute and casual work outfits. A woman's mood can be influenced by apparel. Here are 5 casual work outfits that you can try or make up one of your own. Use a simple design with a good color combination to create a great look. Chose a simple style if your job requires a lot of outdoor work. How can you make a casual work outfit on your own? I recommend lots of layering. Check out some casual work outfits below.

#1-Never Out of Style

This outfit is classy and sophisticated. I highly recommend.


This outfit is super cool.


I love this outfit!

#4-Street Style

Another lovely outfit!


A nice look.


DISCLAIMER: I received free product in exchange for an honest review.  

Here is another great product that I am recommending for Valentine's Day. This product is great to give to both guys and girls. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: I really love the unique square look of these watches. I received one white watch and one black watch. Personally, I prefer the black watch just because it goes with a lot more. I think these watches are super unique and nothing like what ive seen before.
WATER RESISTANT: These watches are water resistant up to 3ATM
TYPE: Flex offers both regular and sport watches. I reviewed their sport watches. I do both tennis and yoga and found that these watches are great to wear while doing all kinds of physical activity. 
WINDING: I found that this was a very simple watch to wind and set. 
FEEL: The sport watches have a silicone band that makes for a comfortable and flexible feel.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

Hello Everyone! Today, I am so excited to talk about Timi and Leslie. This product is definitely something that would make a great valentines gift for that special someone. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: I really enjoy the look of this product. I am super into brown bags right now. The brown is super stylish and goes with a lot of cute winter looks.
CONTAINS: This purse is actually part of an awesome 7 piece set that I recommend everyone checks out. It contains the above bag, a smaller clutch, a bottle holder(container), a clothes bag, and some straps to change the bag to be your preferred length. 
BOTTLE HOLDER: One thing I actually really loved about this set was the bottle holder. I felt like it was such a unique product that I had never seen before. It is both cute and functional. That is something I look for in a product.
FEEL: I feel like this bag can go with a lot of super great outfits and can be wor…


Today was actually a fairly warm day for winter in my area. I was super excited to go out in just a light jacket. Unfortunately, I do not see this warm weather lasting for much longer. Check out 5 outfits that you can wear on a cold winter day!


This outfit incorporates a lot of trends that were popular in past winters. Its definitely got an old school feel.


This casual outfit contains all of this winters most popular trends!

#3-Skinny Jeans

I really love the vibe that this outfit gives off. It gives off a cute yet independent feel.


This outfit also gives off a great feel. I recommend pairing this with the dark makeup trend.

#5-Boots (part 2)

So I really love boots! This is a perfect outfit to wear on a day when youre stuck inside.

Thanks to for the pictures!


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for this review.

All of you know I love unique and interesting products. Thats why I am so excited to talk about Green Tree Jewelry.
LOOK: I love how unique this jewelry is. The colors are bright and beautiful. Each design is crafted wonderfully and looks great while wearing it. I love the black outline that is seen on many of the earrings. It really makes the earrings pop!
CRAFTING: One really neat aspect of Green Tree Jewelry is how all of their earrings are made. Their earrings are made of out wood! I just find that so unique. I am always looking for things that are unique and help me to stand out from the crowd. Green Tree Jewelry really helps me complete my outfits with their adorable earrings. 
PACKAGING: The earrings were packaged very nicely with a large envelope. The envelope had some bubble wrap on the inside. It is very important to me that I receive products that are packaged neatly.


Hello Everyone! As many of you know, I had a family emergency and was not able to blog for a full week :'( But luckily, I am here with some cute indie looks for all of you to enjoy!


I love the indie and boho looks! I really like how this outfit is just all around unique. This outfit is a trend setter. Perfect to wear to school!


This outfit is definitely more mature but still gives off a great vibe. I think the hat really gives it that indie vibe.

#3-Simple Knitwear

Every hipster, whether we call ourselves that or not, needs some knitwear in grey!

#4-Black Knitwear

And everyone needs knitwear in black too!


Just looking at this outfit makes me feel all warm and cozy. I especially love the orange highlights in this outfit.