DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

Hello Everyone! Today, I am so excited to talk about Timi and Leslie. This product is definitely something that would make a great valentines gift for that special someone. Lets get to the review.

LOOK: I really enjoy the look of this product. I am super into brown bags right now. The brown is super stylish and goes with a lot of cute winter looks.

CONTAINS: This purse is actually part of an awesome 7 piece set that I recommend everyone checks out. It contains the above bag, a smaller clutch, a bottle holder(container), a clothes bag, and some straps to change the bag to be your preferred length. 

BOTTLE HOLDER: One thing I actually really loved about this set was the bottle holder. I felt like it was such a unique product that I had never seen before. It is both cute and functional. That is something I look for in a product.

FEEL: I feel like this bag can go with a lot of super great outfits and can be worn at almost any occasion. I personally wore it with a cream colored sweater and knee high brown boots and got a ton of compliments on it.

SUMMARY: 5/5! I really loved the Rachel 7-piece set in caramel. 


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