I am so ready for the weekend. How about you guys? This collection of outfits is inspired by my typical weekend wear. I hope you all enjoy!

#1-Comfy Winter Day
"Comfy winter day" by pale on Polyvore  LOVE everything in this-- jacket and sweatshirt especially <3 <3:
I love everything in this. Especially the jacket and sweatshirt.

#2-Winter Combo
15 Fall Polyvore Combinations You Can Draw Inspiration From:
I really love the uniqueness of this outfit.

winter love.  grey, white, black.  denim, leather.  jeans, sweater, boots.  and a bag big enough to hold everything I need when it's cold outside.:
I love how this outfit incorporates some winter colors like grey, white, black, denim, and leather. I love how the bag is big enough to hold everything!

Cute fall outfit! Untitled #214 by alison-louis-ellis on Polyvore    I really hate that all the adorable outfits have huge purses..not everyone likes a large bag. but oh well, i want the clothes anyway!:
This is a cute winter outfit! I love the bag in this outfit. and the clothes are cute too.

Love this. Like sex on a stick, but not in a whore-y way. Clothes for the classy freak!:
Classy Clothes!


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