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Tomorrow starts the Spring 2016 Fashion Posts. Winter posts will resume in December of 2016. Until then, please enjoy these knitwear themed posts based on what Ive been seeing tons of people wear these past few days.

#1-Pale Blue

Create a chic look by pairing these blue skinnies with a white tank, blue and grey wrap around sweater, and tall brown boots.


Try on a white tank top, dark blue jeans, and vintage tall brown leather boots.


Update your look with red must haves, like this tank top and leather bag.


Try on a wrapped grey knitted cardigan with a white tee shirt and boot cut jeans for a cute winter look.


This top with look great with skinny jeans and black leather boots.


DISCLAIMER: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. 
LOOK: I loved the packaging of this product. It is elegant and clearly displays what the product looks like. Each truffle is individually wrapped so its easy to display on your desk at work and to share with friends (or keep for yourself!).
SCENT: The scent of chocolate is always good. Truffles with Coconut smell even better. The coconut scent combined with the chocolate makes for a truly deluxe experience that is hard to find from the comfort of your own home.
TASTE: I received two flavors. I tried truffles with roasted coconut and truffles with pistachio. Both were amazing. I was expecting the coconut ones to taste great and the product exceeded my expectations. The chocolate with pistachios was great too. Baron Chocolatier  has a magnificent gift of combining chocolate with other great flavors to make amazing flavor creations.

WEBSITE: Are you interested in finding out more about this fabulous brand? Check …


DISCLAIMER: I received product in exchange for an honest review
Saavy Naturals offers pure, vegan, and gluten-free products. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: I received the Bulgarian Rose collection which, by the way, is the perfect collection to purchase for spring/summer. I adore how each product in the Bulgarian Rose collection has the same label. It really brings the products together and shows them as a collection instead of just similar smelling products. The label is also super cute. I love how the label has natural theme. This nature theme is great because Saavy Naturals offers organic and natural products. The browns and pinks just really worked well together to make this label look cute, professional, and, above all else, saavy.
SCENT: The scent was not too light or too heavy. it was that perfect medium that everyone wants to find in a scented product. Especially in regards to the lotion and candle, the scent lasted for a long time. In fact, I even received several compliments…


I am so ready for the weekend. These outfits are great for a day in or a night out.
#1- Cream White

This shirtdress looks great with a brown belt, printed scarf, black tights, and cozy brown leather boots.


This outfit is perfect for a day at the mall. This outfit consists of a long sleeved top, black skinny jeans, creamy pink colored coat, brown leather ankle boots, and a black bag.


This outfit if perfect for street walks and short trips. Here, we see a burgundy slouchy top, boot-cut jeans, black leather jacket, high heels, and super cute accessories.

#4-Lazy Sunday

This outfit is perfect for a Sunday walk. Try on a simple white tee and play it cool with a leather jacket and blue skinny jeans.

#5-Knitwear Addicted

Try this cozy cream sweater and pair it with straight fit jeans and a wrap coat.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.
Carved is a small business that hand makes phone cases out of wood. You can find them on their website, their instagram, or their facebook. You can also find them on twitter under #carved. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: The design itself is very unique. I love how this case has an optical illusion on it. These cases are refreshing and new. There is nothing else like it out in store or online. Wooden cases have a certain rustic appeal to them that make them so popular. Look no further than Carved for a cute phone case.
SERVICE: I love Carved's speedy service. Their customer service was kind. I enjoyed how their customer service was a real person and not just an automated response. 
WOOD: Wood is natural and organic, so no two pieces look alike. Because of this, every phone case is unique, just like the people using the phone. Carved phone cases contain natural beauty that is hard to find elsewhere in our modern w…


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review
Divine Arts offers books and e-books to share the new and ancient knowledge that is emerging from scientific, indigenous, and wisdom cultures.
LOOK: As you can see, I was lucky enough to get to review two books this time! I really loved the cover of The Jeweled Highway. I felt like the forest path perfectly described what the story entails. It was overall a beautiful cover. The Message also had a really neat cover that I definitely enjoyed, but I felt like it didn't really match the story. Either way, both of these books had stunning covers. 
THE JEWELED HIGHWAY: This is an inspiring story about finding yourself and following your heart. It tells the inside story of finding meaningful engagement in our society.
THE MESSAGE: Your life has been designed by your soul. Your soul guides you. As one man learns, the more you listen to your soul, the more joyous your life becomes. 
CONTENT: Both of these books we…


Hello Readers! The weather has been increasinly warm where I live, so that means its time to break out some feminine, lacey winter clothes.
#1-Lightweight This peasant blouse is embroidered with lace. It looks marvelous with blue jeans and tall boots. 
#2-Denim Pair a denim jacket with a chevron print skirt, white top, and cream suede ankle boots for a feminine look.
#3-Pale Green This pale green tank blouse can be worn with a cream white wrap cardigan, white jeans, and brown leather boots.
#4-Vintage have fun with this floral winter dress, cream white v-neck cable knit cardigan, mannish brown brogues, and some high knitted socks. I especially love the glasses and the purse.
#5-Cream and Yellow This creamy yellow cardigan looks great styled with a black and white striped tee shirt, black skirt, and lace up combat boots.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 
I was so excited to sample BetterBox this month. BetterBox is the subscription box with a purpose. BetterBox does send boutique inspired gifts every month, the real value of BetterBOx is in the activities. Each BetterBox comes with steps to help you along your journey to a better life and a better world. Each month, BetterBox chooses a new theme and delivers products to help you develop positive habits, patterns, and emotions. Once a BetterBox is activated, the deeds are delivered right to your email and the gifts in the box help you with your activities. While the full VIP experience is 21 days, I received a 7 day samples. Lets get to the review:
LOOK: This box had a cute and simple look. Everything in the box had the theme of Gratitude. Personally, I love themed boxes like this. It is so much better than a bunch of random products with no meaning thrown into a cardboard box.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review
Stonefire offers amazing tasting breads that are healthy for you too! Lets get to the review.
LOOK: This bread looks fresh, its as simple as that. The bread I received had no flaws which gave me high expectations for this bread.
SMELL: As it was cooking, this bread smelt great. In fact, it made the whole house smell like a wonderful bakery. 
TASTE: To put it plainly, amazing. This bread tastes better than plain old white bread. I tried a variety of bread flavors from Stonefire and my favorite would have to be the garlic. The garlic bread just tastes great. The bread does not need any butter, jam, or jelly because it is already great. 
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Another thing I love about this bread is that it is made with authentic ingredients. Knowing this, I didnt have to stress about what I was eating, I could just enjoy it.
PRODUCTS: Stonefire offers a variety of products. From naan to pizza crust, there is s…


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
Planner Packs offers fun, cute, and creative supplies for planning out your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Lets get to the review. 
LOOK: I loved the look of both the box and of all the products. The box and the products were both cute and trendy. The products offered looked just like the kinds of things that you might see on craft boards on Pinterest or on Instagram. The stickers were also super great for helping me keep track of everything.
PRODUCTS:                      Pilot G2 Pens- These pens worked great. They moved nicely on paper and on        cardboard.                      Sharpie Marker- Another fantastic addition to the box!                      Washi Tape- I love using Washi Tape for fun crafts.                       Attachable Planner Pocket- Now this is a really creative addition. I loved being able to put a pocket to hold papers on my planner.                      Stickers-This box co…


BloomsyBox is a flowers of the month club, sending you beautiful, fresh flowers once a month. Lets get to the review.

LOOK: These flowers showed up looking fresh and beautiful. There were no bends in the stem. And what really impressed me was that no petals had fallen off during shipping. BloomsyBox has very impressive and beautiful flowers, and packages their boxes in a way that protects those flowers during shipping.
SCENT: No one wants to receive flowers that smell bad, or flowers that dont smell at all. The flowers that I received from BloomsyBox smelt great, in fact, they made my whole house smell amazing. 
DURABILITY: These flowers lasted for about 1.5-2 weeks, which in indoor flowers terms is quite a long time. I was dazzled with how long they lasted.
CARE: These flowers did not require a lot of  tending, which was good for me because I am usually very busy. These flowers come with a packet of nutrie…


Hello Everyone! Today was such a gross winter day where I live, so what better way to escape the weather than to dream of a fun snowy vintage-y winter? I hope you all enjoy!
#1-Country Touches Try on a dark burgundy sweater and style it with a white shirt and tuck it in a daisy print skit.
#2-Bohemian Here we see a 1970s inspired look consisting of bootcut jeans, cream-white lace v-neck shirt, and brown leather jacket.
#3-Casual We see a brown long-sleeved top , bootcut jeans, brown leather boots, and a cozy cream-beige poncho.
#4-Simple and Functional We see a white country top, midi skirt, lace up grey combat boots, leather double belt, and dark brown vintage bag.
#5-Lace Here is an white-cream spaghetti strap top, ripped jeans, double breasted brown pea-coat,and cute tall brown boots!


Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.
A lot of you may remember that I have done another review for Zim's product in the past. I am thrilled to be reviewing them again. All of Zim's products are naturally based which I love. Lets get to the review!
LOOK: I love the simplicity of this product. The sleek yet confident design is appealing to those who need a product that works for mild aches and pains. The iceberg is what really caught my eye because I have never seen another product like that in stores or online. The bold words make the bottle easy to read and understand, unlike other product who try to fool you with small print. 
SMELL: Although this product is effective, it does have a very strong smell. The scent has a medicinal, yet herbal scent to it. 
PAIN RELIEVER: People gets aches and pains almost everywhere, but Zim's Max Freeze Gel is designed to relieve pain from sore muscles, muscle sprains, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, a…


Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Sloane Ranger was established in 2011. They are based off of the famous Sloane Rangers of London who were the original prepsters. They have an effortless style that signifies cool and confident. This idea that motivated the brand of Sloane Ranger. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: This bag radiates confidence. As we approach spring, preppy is becoming a more and more popular style. Which is all the more reason to purchase a super cute bag from Sloane Ranger. This particular bag is great for college or for short weekend getaways!
WHAT IS A SLOANE RANGER?: The expression Sloane Ranger refers to a young, upper-middle class, fashion-foreward, prepsters located in Sloane Square in Chelsea which is viewed as an iconic shopping district in London. Lady Diana Princess of Wales was characterized as the original Sloane Ranger. A modern symbol of this effortless style is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Sloa…


Hello Everyone! I am so excited to talk about some of trends that we are all currently seeing right now at the end of Winter.

#1-Simple and Casual

Pictured above is a white tee, black skinny jeans, tribal print wrap cardigan, cowboy brown leather boots, satchel brown leather shoulder bag, and grey wrapped knitted scarf.

#2-Retro Essentials

Above is a blush dress with a knitted brown cardigan. Complete the look with cozy tights, wool socks, and brown leather boots.

#3-Sweet and Ladylike

Look great by sporting this floral cinched at the waist dress. Pair it with a v-neck button down cardigan, slouchy brown boots, and shiny jewelry.

#4-Grunge Boho Chic

Try on a black long-sleeved crop top and pair it with a black floral skirt. Complete the look by adding a white wrap cardigan, creme shoulder bag, and black ankle boots.

#5-Vintage Boho

Try on a burgundy retro dress and pair it with a beige cardigan and tall brown boots.


LOOK: eShakti sells beautiful dresses to put it simply. One really cool thing about eShakti is that you can customize your dress to be exactly your style. There is a dress for every girl. My dress is an emerald green and customizing it was so much fun. Customize your own dress here. They offer real fashion for real women,
PACKAGING: Unfortunately, when I received my dress it was sopping wet. The box was totally wet as well. I had to dry my dress before I could even wear it.  Luckily, this was a shipping error that was no fault of the company.
QUALITY: This is made from a fabric that isnt going to wear out after the first time you wear it. You get what you pay for with eshakti and I love that. 
DRESSES: I know eshakti offers a ton of dresses and that can be hard to chose from. So below you will find my recommended dresses to try. But before you do that, check out the brand on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.



DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review
Who doesnt want to celebrate everyday life? Divine Arts was founded to share both new and ancient knowledge with the people of today. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: I love how beautiful this book looks. The cover is memorizing to look at. Not only is it pretty, the cover accurately portrays what the book is about. This is a book that you can judge by its cover.
OTHER BOOKS: Divine Arts offers several other books that sound just as good as the one I read. Two others that I would recommend checking out besides this book is Free Your Mind and Freedom is Your Only Choice. 
CONTENT: This book was absolutely amazing. It contained some amazing quotes and questions that have begun to help me get through everyday. Not only have they done that, but they have improved my quality of life. What I was most surprised by would have to be that this book contains my favorite poem of all time: " A Psalm of Life" by H…


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review
Gradbin is a college subscription box that offers snacks, supplies, and quick fixes. Gradbin helped me to stay energized and organized. Lets get to the review. .
GRADBIN TOTE: This big bad has embroidery that gives the bad a classy feel. 
SIMPLE SQUARES ORGANIC SNACKBAR: This bar has only five ingredients. It is great as a breakfast bar or an afternoon wakeup call.
BARNEY BUTTER SNACK PACK: These snack packs are delicious and made with natural nut butter from almonds.
WATER BEAN FILTER: A simple flexible carbon water filter for the go!
MUNK PACK SQUEEZE: Get ready for the day with a squeeze oatmeal snack.
PLAYING CARDS: Perfect for hanging with friends or family.

SUMMARY:5/5! I loved the look of this product. The box is sleek and modern, just what every college student is looking for. The food tasted and smelled great. It is definitely high quality food with high quality ingredients.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This picture was taken by myself and its poor quality does not reflect the quality of Art crate.
Before I begin the post, I would like to show you all a better picture of Art Crate's prints

On to the post...
ArtCrate offers amazing art that is hand-selected for you. Art Crate introduces you to new artists and allows you to build up your art collection.
LOOK: In a word, stunning! I was extremely pleased with the product I received(first picture on page). Its stunning, and I have gotten so many compliments. It is easily my favorite piece of art that I have.
CONDITION: Because this is a print, I was worried that perhaps the print would get ripped or crinkled during shipping. Luckily, I was wrong! Art Crate ships all of its products in a manner to which they arrive safely and tear free!
WEBSITE: The website is easy to maneuver.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: When reviewing a product, I also like to review the company t…


DISCLAIMER: I recieved this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 
Hello there! Jade Canopy is a gardening subscription box that helps cultivate a love for your green thumb! The January box was all about planning. Lets get to the review.
LOOK: I love the look of this box! This box clearly has a green color theme that I absolutely adored. The box was super cute as were the products inside.
BULBS: I am so excited to get to start planting this spring! I received four(4) Blanda Anemone bulbs. There are an absolutely beautiful flower that will look fantastic in my yard.
SEEDS: Not only did my box come with bulbs, it came with seeds too! I received cauliflower and carrot seeds!
OTHER ITEMS: This box comes with a variety of gardening themed items ranging from instructional to items just for you. The January To-Do List is super helpful for a novice gardener like myself. The January Planting was super helpful. The words of wisdom were simply inspiring. This months project was obv…


Check out some of my best lazy day outfits that you are definitely going to want to wear this weekend!

#1-Melt the Chill

Add some color by pairing red and blue. To keep things from matching too much, balance things out with a white t-shirt. If this red isnt quite your style, try a darker maroon with black!

#2-Boho Blizzard

Boho doesnt have to be only for hot weather. Channel your inner bohemian with this casual look. Beaded bangles, deep brown hues, and tribal earrings are exactly what comes to mind when you think boho-chic. But when you add a cable sweater, warm boots, and faded jeans, you get a cozy winter twist!


If cool and casual is your go to look in warmer weather, then try an outfit like this. Greys add a cool twist to a comfy outfit and black pulls it all together. A soft sweater and scarf makes the outfit look cute and not over the top.

#4-Warm and Cozy

Keep this season warm with burgundy. A vest works perfectly in this color pallet. Add some accessories, and youre …