DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

I was so excited to sample BetterBox this month. BetterBox is the subscription box with a purpose. BetterBox does send boutique inspired gifts every month, the real value of BetterBOx is in the activities. Each BetterBox comes with steps to help you along your journey to a better life and a better world. Each month, BetterBox chooses a new theme and delivers products to help you develop positive habits, patterns, and emotions. Once a BetterBox is activated, the deeds are delivered right to your email and the gifts in the box help you with your activities. While the full VIP experience is 21 days, I received a 7 day samples. Lets get to the review:

LOOK: This box had a cute and simple look. Everything in the box had the theme of Gratitude. Personally, I love themed boxes like this. It is so much better than a bunch of random products with no meaning thrown into a cardboard box.

SMELL(TEA AND BATH SALTS): Two of the products that I received were hand-crafted gourmet tea and organic botanical bath salts. Both of these products smelt great. 

TASTE(TEA AND COOKIE): Along with the hand-crafted gourmet tea, I received an appreciation smiley face cookie.  Although I gave both the cookie and the tea to someone who I am very grateful to have in my life, she was kind enough to offer me some as well as to help me with this specific part of the review. The tea had an amazing flavor, it truly was gourmet. The cookie was a simple sugar cookie with frosting. It had a good, quality taste.

SUBSCRIPTION BOX: There are two options for the BetterBox subscription. You can be a monthly subscriber or just purchase one individual box.  

THE MAGIC OF GRATITUDE: This month, BetterBox focused on gratitude. BetterBox helped me to see that I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. Being grateful has made me happier and I like to think healthier too. 

SUMMARY:5/5. This BetterBox was designed to train me to see everything to be grateful for, instead of only seeing problems. With small deeds, BetterBox helped me to create a better life for myself. In this box, I received a gratitude reflection map, artisanal appreciation cards, gratitude proclamation post-its, hand-crafted gourmet tea, gratitude touchstone, appreciation smiley face cookie, and organic botanical bath salts. The reflection map helped me to reflect on gratitude. I highly recommend BetterBox to better your life. 


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