Penrose Triangle Inlay - iPhone 5C Slim Clear Case
DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Carved is a small business that hand makes phone cases out of wood. You can find them on their website, their instagram, or their facebook. You can also find them on twitter under #carved. Lets get to the review.

LOOK: The design itself is very unique. I love how this case has an optical illusion on it. These cases are refreshing and new. There is nothing else like it out in store or online. Wooden cases have a certain rustic appeal to them that make them so popular. Look no further than Carved for a cute phone case.

SERVICE: I love Carved's speedy service. Their customer service was kind. I enjoyed how their customer service was a real person and not just an automated response. 

WOOD: Wood is natural and organic, so no two pieces look alike. Because of this, every phone case is unique, just like the people using the phone. Carved phone cases contain natural beauty that is hard to find elsewhere in our modern world. 

THE ARTIST: Inside my package, there was a small card about the artist. I thought this was super cool and unique. It gives the whole company a homey feel which I love. 

FEEL: This phone feels like real wood, because it is. It feels so much better than the regular plastic cases.

SUMMARY: 5/5! Carved is a company that everyone should check out. With their handmade products made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, you cant go wrong. 


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