The Jeweled Highway: <span>On The Quest for a Life of Meaning</span>
The Message:<span> A Guide to Being Human</span>

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

Divine Arts offers books and e-books to share the new and ancient knowledge that is emerging from scientific, indigenous, and wisdom cultures.

LOOK: As you can see, I was lucky enough to get to review two books this time! I really loved the cover of The Jeweled Highway. I felt like the forest path perfectly described what the story entails. It was overall a beautiful cover. The Message also had a really neat cover that I definitely enjoyed, but I felt like it didn't really match the story. Either way, both of these books had stunning covers. 

THE JEWELED HIGHWAY: This is an inspiring story about finding yourself and following your heart. It tells the inside story of finding meaningful engagement in our society.

THE MESSAGE: Your life has been designed by your soul. Your soul guides you. As one man learns, the more you listen to your soul, the more joyous your life becomes. 

CONTENT: Both of these books were well written and inspirational. I enjoyed The Jeweled Highway more because of the story. The other book was a bit far out for me to read, for lack of a better term. Im still getting used to my new non-conventional lifestyle that I stated in October. I definitely recommend these books to all those looking for a deeper meaning in life or for those looking to lead an unconventional lifestyle.

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