DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

LOOK: This product definitely has some unique packaging. I really like how the pack is resealable. The packaging really shows that the product is not made by a big company and thats a good thing. I always feel like smaller brands do it better.

SMELL: This jerky smells good. It smells appetizing and delicious!

TASTE: I received three flavors, but m favorite was the Original Hickory(pictured above). This had a fantastic flavor! It had a kick to it, but it wasnt so spicy that I couldnt enjoy it. I highly recommend the Hickory flavor for those who have never had Grandpa's Beef Jerky. I garuentee youve never tasted jerky this good before.

SUBSCRIPTION BOX: I love the options that Grandpa's Beef Jerky offers. You can chose to purchase packages individually or in a subscription! I really love that about this company.

ALLERGY: Because this is a food product, definitely check the ingredients before purchasing if you have any allergies!

SUMMARY: 4.5/5. This brand is called the "prime rib of beef jerky" for a reason! The hickory flavor mentioned and pictured above is the most popular and my favorite. Its made from premium steak! This delicious jerky is tender and cut into bite sized pieces-which I love. I cant wait to have more!


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