DISCLAIMER: I recieved this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Hello there! Jade Canopy is a gardening subscription box that helps cultivate a love for your green thumb! The January box was all about planning. Lets get to the review.

LOOK: I love the look of this box! This box clearly has a green color theme that I absolutely adored. The box was super cute as were the products inside.

BULBS: I am so excited to get to start planting this spring! I received four(4) Blanda Anemone bulbs. There are an absolutely beautiful flower that will look fantastic in my yard.

SEEDS: Not only did my box come with bulbs, it came with seeds too! I received cauliflower and carrot seeds!

OTHER ITEMS: This box comes with a variety of gardening themed items ranging from instructional to items just for you. The January To-Do List is super helpful for a novice gardener like myself. The January Planting was super helpful. The words of wisdom were simply inspiring. This months project was obviously planting. I received a notebook that I will definitely be using to keep track of my garden. Along with the bulbs and seeds, I received some cool products that were just for me. My box contained a super cute flower pen and an informative farmer's almanac. 

EDUCATION: Another reason that I simply love this box is that it is very educational for kids and adults. For parents who are looking for something that is educational, fun, and healthy for their kids, Jade Canopy is the way to go. 

SUMMARY: 5/5! 

Here are some of my own gardening tips that you can use before you get your own Jade Canopy Box
1-Start planning the layout of your garden in the winter
2-Start some seedlings indoors if possible
3-There is still time to plant spring bulbs as long as the ground is not frozen.
4-Otherwise keep bulbs in a cool, dry place
Jade Canopy has really gotten me addicted to gardening. I am so excited to start my very own garden using Jade Canopy's bulbs, seeds, and tips. Add subscribing to Jade Canopy to your to-do list this February!


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