DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

Ive always wanted to try a monthly tea club! With Loose Tea Addict you can get two different premium teas delivered right to your door every single month. And inside every box is a promo code for a discount on the next box! Definitely check out their website by clicking here. Lets get to the review!

LOOK: I loved the packages that the tea came in! They were black with a white label. The minimalist feel really appealed to me with this product. Also the box itself was white with small paper strips inside that I really liked. It made the box appear both fun and professional which is a vibe that is very hard to make, but something that I really enjoy.

SMELL: This tea smells great! No one wants to drink tea that smells bad. 

TASTE: Loose Tea Addict offers high quality tea. The taste is great! It is very flavorful. 

ORGANIC DARJEELING: This is the first of the two teas that I received in the January box. This tea is light and mellow with uplifting overtones

EARL GREY: This second tea is by far my favorite tea of all time. This tea is traditionally an afternoon tea. Earl Grey has a citrus fragrance with a light overall taste.

BOX VALUE: The box itself costs $19.99. The Organic Darjeeling is values at $15.98 and the Earl Grey is valued at $4.99 making this box well worth your money.

SUMMARY: 5/5! To get your own premium tea subscription click here to check out their website or here to email their customer service. This is a great box for tea lovers! 


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