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DISCLAIMER: I received product in exchange for an honest review

Saavy Naturals offers pure, vegan, and gluten-free products. Lets get to the review.

LOOK: I received the Bulgarian Rose collection which, by the way, is the perfect collection to purchase for spring/summer. I adore how each product in the Bulgarian Rose collection has the same label. It really brings the products together and shows them as a collection instead of just similar smelling products. The label is also super cute. I love how the label has natural theme. This nature theme is great because Saavy Naturals offers organic and natural products. The browns and pinks just really worked well together to make this label look cute, professional, and, above all else, saavy.

SCENT: The scent was not too light or too heavy. it was that perfect medium that everyone wants to find in a scented product. Especially in regards to the lotion and candle, the scent lasted for a long time. In fact, I even received several compliments about how great my house smelt. The scent had a wonderful rose smell. The smell almost convinced me that I was standing in a field of roses.

CANDLE: Although I did receive several products from the Bulgarian Rose Collection, the candle was definitely my favorite. All of Saavy Naturals's hand-poured candles produce a long lasting, fragrant aroma that leaves your house smelling great. The smell also calmed my nerves and relieved my anxiety. This was an added bonus to my house already smelling great.

FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN: Saavy Naturals offers products made with a plant or food based product because it is better for your skin and your overall health. Your skin is your largest organ, and what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your body. Saavy Naturals makes it easy for everyone to find a good-smelling product that is good for you too.

BODY WASH, SOAP, AND LOTION: I am a huge fan of soaps and lotions, and I'm very picky about them as well. The sugar scrub I received worked well. it felt just like every other sugar scrub, but left my skin feeling nicer than any other sugar scrub I have used before. The body wash had a similar affect, although, I did have a bit of trouble opening the body wash and then getting it to come out of its container. The soaps and lotions felt great on my skin. Savvy Naturals leaves your skin feeling great.

SUMMARY: 5/5! If you are looking for a natural, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO product. Look no further than SaaFvy Naturals. 


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