denim stripe top handle.
Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Sloane Ranger was established in 2011. They are based off of the famous Sloane Rangers of London who were the original prepsters. They have an effortless style that signifies cool and confident. This idea that motivated the brand of Sloane Ranger. Lets get to the review.

LOOK: This bag radiates confidence. As we approach spring, preppy is becoming a more and more popular style. Which is all the more reason to purchase a super cute bag from Sloane Ranger. This particular bag is great for college or for short weekend getaways!

WHAT IS A SLOANE RANGER?: The expression Sloane Ranger refers to a young, upper-middle class, fashion-foreward, prepsters located in Sloane Square in Chelsea which is viewed as an iconic shopping district in London. Lady Diana Princess of Wales was characterized as the original Sloane Ranger. A modern symbol of this effortless style is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Sloane Ranger style is simultaneously classic and modern. 

CROSS-BODY OPTION: This bag has the option to be either a cross-body bag or a simple top handle carry. This allows for the bag to be great for multiple occasions. When I don't attach the cross-body straps, I use it as a briefcase. Because lets be real, conventional briefcases can be boring and bland. I wear this bag as a messenger bag whenever I take airplane trips and need a cute carry-on bag or when I'm taking a semi-long car trip. 

STURDY: Have you ever purchased a really cute bag only to have the top handle rip or tear within the first week? I have. But there is no need to worry about that happening when you purchase from Sloane Ranger. Their bags are sturdy, functional, and cute.

SIZE: This bag has the perfect size. It is big without being too bulky and annoying to carry. 

SUMMARY: 5/5! 


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